• Fun Activities at 5 Major Ports of Call in Korea

        • 08/31/2022


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  • Lively cities, clean nature, long history, and colorful culture are some things South Korea can offer not only in Seoul, the capital city but also in its various provinces. In particular, Busan, Jeju, Incheon, Yeosu, and Sokcho are the five major ports of call for cruise ships, offering the liveliness of port cities and romantic sceneries. Enjoy the themed tour courses at each port of call packed with leisure activities, photo spots, activities, K-pop celebrities, healing experiences, etc. You can also participate in various environmental, social, and governance (ESG) programs that provide bicycles and eco-friendly automobiles as modes of transportation, visits to traditional markets, and local experiences.

    Exciting Busan

    Artistic Jeju Busan, the largest port city in Korea, will greet you with a romantic vibe with its cityscape and seaside views. This city bustles with crowds year-round, offering bursting energy and fun activities. Taejongdae Park, Busan Air Cruise & Skywalk, and Gamcheon Culture Village are some of the most famous photo spots with the backdrop of the indigo sea. You can also spend a day packed with adventure at the recently opened Lotte World Adventure Busan or enjoy the thrill of speed at Skyline Luge. There are also special hands-on experiences where you can shop at Bupyeong (Kkangtong) Market, watch and participate in tae kwon do performances at Daeyoung Taekwondo, or cook Dongnae Green Onion Pancakes at a Busan Cooking Class.

    Artistic Jeju

    Artistic Jeju

    Jeju, Korea’s largest island and a tourism-specialized region, offers clean and untouched nature as well as amazing sceneries. This island is also the island of artists where you can witness the trendiest artworks and visit art museums scattered across the island, such as ARTE MUSEUM, Lee Jung-seop Art Museum, Arario Museum, Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art, and more. While there are art pieces to enjoy in these art museums, artworks drawn and painted inspired by Jeju’s nature are also exquisite. The black coastal cliffs against the striking blue ocean, round oreums (hills) rising on the red earth, stone walls built with rough basalt rocks, and colorful villages offer fantastic views like a perfect landscape. Jeju will be a special place to travel to with its diverse K-pop–related spots, such as Bonte Museum, where BTS visited, and Jeju Geumoreum, where Twice shot one of their music videos, etc. There are also traditional Jeju food-making programs, such as tangerine Gwajeul and Omegi rice cakes, etc. And activities can't be left out such as hiking courses to virgin forests and parasitic volcanic cones called oreum.

    Incheon: The City of International History

    Incheon: The City of International History

    Incheon is a port with long international history and the nearest port city to Seoul. Incheon Art Platform is an old warehouse that has been converted into studios, exhibition halls, and performance halls open to the public. You can also go back in time by traveling through sites that hold the old charms of Incheon’s Age of Enlightenment, such as Cheongil Jogyeji Stairway, Jayu Park, and Jemulpo Club. Have a comfortable seat on the Wolmi Sea Train, the longest urban tourist monorail in Korea, to enjoy the view of Wolmi-do Island. Rush mats with flower patterns, also called Hwamunseok, produced in Ganghwa-do Island, have been famous since the Joseon dynasty as offerings to the king. Participate in the Hwamunseok-making program, where you can make quick arts and crafts to create a souvenir that will remind you of your visit to Incheon.

    Starry Sea of Yeosu

    Starry Sea of Yeosu 2 Starry Sea of Yeosu 1

    Yeosu is a romantic port city that calls many tourists with its sea dotted with stars in the sky and artificial lights. The warm nightscape that recalls old memories, dynamic leisure and sports activities in the valleys and sea, and relaxing experiences of clean nature will greet you. You can also enjoy a panoramic view of the sea and island via the Yeosu Maritime Cable Car, overlooking the beautiful port city of Yeosu. No-engine carts for luge rides, zip lines crossing the air, and yachts gliding on the indigo sea will pack your day with thrilling adventures. Yeosu’s charms are endless: Yi Sunsin Plaza, where street food stalls line up; Angel Mural Village in Goso-dong, Odong-do Island, where red camellia flowers bloom; Nangman Pocha Street, where you can enjoy rich seafood dishes on the beach; and more.

    Sokcho: The Most Original Destination

    Sokcho: The Most Original Destination 1 Sokcho: The Most Original Destination 2

    Sokcho, a port nestled in the Seorak Mountain and the East Sea, is perhaps the least known port of call on this list, but that unfamiliarity makes it an original and new travel destination filled with unexpected thrills. Seoraksan Mountain is one of the most beautiful and leading mountains in Korea, and you can easily climb it via cable car or hike along its mystic valleys. You can also hire and wear a hanbok to have an elegant teatime in old traditional Korean houses or play curling games at the stadium that hosted the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games. Exclusive hands-on experience programs, such as a pottery-making class, beer brewery tours, guided bicycle riding with a cultural commentator, etc., are available in Sokcho. Other must-visit tour courses include Sokcho Museum and Goseong DMZ Tour, where you can see North Korea from a close distance.

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