• Fees Waived when Reboarding the Subway within 10 minutes

        • 07/10/2023


        • public_transport


    Effective July 1, free transit will apply to passengers who tag out of the subway ticket gate and tag back in within 10 minutes, waiving the passengers from additional fees. This policy only applies to passengers who leave and reboard through the same subway station, and is available at stations in the following sections: Seoul Station – Cheongnyangni Station on Line 1; Jichuk Station – Ogeum Station on Line 3; Jinjeop Station – Namtaeryeong Station on Line 4; Eungam Station (including Eungam transfer section) – Bonghwasan Station on Line 6; Jangam Station – Onsu Station on Line 7; and all sections of Lines 2, 5, 8, and 9.   

    This fee exemption is a one-time privilege while taking the subway and applies only to passengers with a prepaid or credit transportation card, which means passengers with a single journey ticket or a commuter card will still be charged.  Passengers exiting at a transfer station will also have to tag back in on the same subway line or they will be charged the standard fee (1,250 won). This policy is intended to provide relief to the passengers who leave the ticketed area through the gate then have to get back on the subway due to a mistake, personal emergency, etc.


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