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What is a NAMANE card?

NAMANE card is a prepaid card that does not need a bank account. It can be used for public transportation and as a debit card at any store.

The NAMANE card has a wallet for maintaining the traffic balance and pay balance and users can transfer money between the two. The traffic balance will be charged for public transportation, convenience store, and train (KTX) uses and any offline or online purchases will be charged on the pay balance.

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How to use the card

To make a card, you must download the NAMANE app first. Search “NAMANE” on the Google Play Store or App Store to download the app. Keep up-to-date with the latest version for optimal service.


How to change the language setting

Download app > Tap menu icon > Tap settings icon > Select language setting (Korean, English) by tapping on the third menu

Services provided by NAMANE app

• Register card
• Reload card
• View card balance
• View card use history
• Notice / FAQ board
• Call center

See more information

NAMANE card official website : (Korean, English)

Make an inquiryff

1330 Travel Hotline Live Chat

Open KTO Live Chat(Download not required)

Open messenger app(Messenger app must be installed)