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Healing & Meditation

Yeomyeong Humanity Healing Center

A Time to Set Aside My Phone and Face Myself

Yeomyeong Humanity Healing Center is a refuge built deep in a mountain where signals nor satellites can reach. Its wellness programs capture the uniquely Eastern secrets of wellness, such as meditation and Qigong.

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A Slow Life in a Traditional Hanok

Yeomyeong is located in a hanok-style building that combines all the elements of seowon (Confucian academy), Buddhist temple, and traditional house owned by aristocrats. It is a relatively new and clean building built in 2018, giving off a good vibe. The exterior has giwa roof tiles decorated with vivid dancheong (traditional coloring), but the interior is filled with the latest equipment including air conditioners. “Jeongsudang Hall” is a restaurant visible from the entrance, and to its right is “Simgeomdang Hall” for giving lectures. On the opposite side, there is “Unseogwan Hall” used for accommodation purposes.

Once you pass a garden full of flowers and trees right behind the hanok building, a Mongolian “ger” will come into sight. This is a place of meditation that can accommodate up to 40 people. In a nearby area, you can find the “Meditation” section of a walking trail. You can consider nature as your best friend and take a walk while listening to the lovely sound of water in the clean valley.

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Programs that Cover Meditation, Food, Qigong

Yeomyeong’s program always combines meditation, qigong, and food. The program consisting of six modules – meditation theory, meditation techniques, qigong exercise, special lectures on natural healthy food, and cultural therapy – eventually leads to one. Each module is divided into theory and practice and has a one-hour curriculum. As part of this program, you can find out which body constitution out of six you belong to. You will attend an individual consulting session to get advice on which food and exercises are suitable for your body constitution, which has been contributing to achieving a high level of participants’ satisfaction.NOTES

Yeomyeong helps you discover your body constitution according to the five cardinal directions and colors (ohaeng), and the foods that serve your constitution the best. For instance, those with wooden constitution (mokgi: 木氣) tend to be weaker in spleen, stomach, and interesting functions. Thus, they are served well by wheat, barley, grapes, sour kimchi, chicken, and eggs. These foods can then be sampled through personalized meals. The meals are created according to the directions of an advisor who specializes in Buddhist temple cuisine and natural food.

Meditation is the most classic way of training the body and mind in Eastern countries. The key to successful medication is to create a state of tranquility regardless of your innate energy and its weakness and strength. At Yeomyeong, highly experienced instructors systematically teach basic theories and principles of meditation and help you practice it. Qigong is an exercising method in the East that corresponds to sports in the West. The program is structured based on the principles of Eastern medicine in which disease will disappear when the body temperature is raised. When you practice qigong, you should start with a calm state of mind as a “basis.” Qigong exercise involves slow movements in a circle, which only makes you about to sweat. As for food, the same principles are applied. You should keep your body and mind in good condition before letting food in your body to maximize the benefits of it.

Meditations in Yeomyeong include the sitting meditation, meditations made from a stationary and sitting position; forest walk meditation, where you meditate on a forest trail; sleep meditation, where you meditate on the day’s events before falling asleep; and walking meditation, which can be adopted for hiking trips. These programs are supervised by Professor Tae-ho Lee, an expert in meditation and the director of the Yeomyeong Humanity Healing Center.

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Yeomyeong Humanity Healing Center
  • ∨ +82-54-733-6284
  • ∨ Varying depending on the programs; center arrival at 13:00, check-in at 15:00, check-out at 11:00
  • ∨ Phone or online reservation required
  • ∨ Welling Camp for Citizens KRW 200,000, Welling Camp for Corporate Employees KRW 200,000
  • ∨ 203, Jangyuksa 1-gil, Changsu-myeon, Yeongdeok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

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Group Wellness Workshops

Wellness workshops, which are offered to corporate or private group visitors, encompass all five areas offered in Yeomyeong. Firstly, participants learn about the theory of meditation, and practice techniques like sitting or walking meditation. Next is the theory and practice of qigong, followed by natural food and eating. Special lectures on topics like stress management, escape from anger or frustration, or strengthening your heart’s energy are offered as well. The final program is the cultural healing, which includes musicals, tea meditations, and music.

Things To Do

Goraebul Beach
Goraebul Beach
Surrounded by a dense pine forest, sand at Goraebul Beach tend to be larger and less sticky than that of other beaches.
∇ 394, Goraebul-ro, Byeonggok-myeon, Yeongdeok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Yeongdeok Sunrise Park
Yeongdeok Sunrise Park
After a mountain fire devastated the neighborhood of Changpo-ri, the area was turned into this park.
∇ 117-3, Daetan-ri, Yeongdeok- eup, Yeongdeok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Chayu Fishing Village
Chayu Fishing Village
This beautiful fishing village was recently named as Yeongdeok Daege Wonjo Village.
∇ 12-4, Chayu-gil, Chuksan- myeon, Yeongdeok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Goraebul Campsite
Goraebul Campsite
Visitors to this campsite can enjoy its amenities with the view of the area’s beautiful nature.
∇ 68, Goraebul-ro, Byeonggok-myeon, Yeongdeok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
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