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Nature & Forest

National Center for Forest Therapy, Daeunsan

The Power of Forest Therapy

If you want to have fun interacting with the forest rather than just taking a walk in the forest, this is the place for you. All you have to do to enjoy the forest to the fullest is to walk barefoot in the red clay yard, wash your feet with the valley water, and do yoga and meditation.

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You must have experienced that being in the forest blows away all your worries at some point in your life. Once you step inside the forest away from the busy city, all you can hear is the sounds of birds singing and leaves rustling in the wind. As you walk slowly while breathing in the fresh air, you will find a way to clear and calm your mind of unwanted thoughts. What kind of power does the forest have? “Forest therapy¡± is one of the natural remedies that use various elements such as the sound and scent of the forest, phytoncides, and negative ions to help you boost your immunity and find peace of mind. National Center for Forest Therapy, Daeunsan offers forest therapy led by a forest therapy leader. If you are struggling with chronic fatigue and stress, the National Center for Forest Therapy, Daeunsan would be a good place to visit.

The path to the National Center for Forest Therapy, Daeunsan itself is a part of your therapeutic journey. The facility is located near Naewonam Valley in Daeunsan Mountain, one of the Twelve Scenic Spots in Ulsan. Naewonam Hermitage is believed to be the last place where Monk Wonhyo stayed to practice cultivation before he died. If you follow the path next to the Ulsan Arboretum along the valley, you will finally reach your destination. At the entrance to the Healing Forest, the Nanum Healing Center will come into sight. You will also find the Pulhyanggi Trail, Haetsal Madang, Small Theater, Hwangto Madang in order. The forest trails are surrounding the Aqua Therapy Bath and the Anion Meditation Area. The forest is small enough that you can look around the facility in about 30 minutes. It takes around 40 minutes to finish a round-trip along the upper hiking trail to Guryong Falls. You will never get bored as you walk in the forest. As if to make you less bored walking in the dense forest, the water in the Naewonam Valley flows across the forest, inviting you to listen to the music of nature. The water in the valley is so clear and transparent that you can even see the bottom of the stream. On a hot day, you can soak your feet in the water and chill out.

You can also take a walk along the dirt path; however, if you want your forest adventure to be easier, you can always choose the long wooden boardwalk. Whenever you get tired of walking, you can sit and catch your breath in one of the pavilions. Sitting in a pavilion surrounded by a forest of cypress emitting phytoncides makes you feel how beautiful and peaceful nature can be. You will see right way how therapeutic your journey is.

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Diverse Programs That Never Get Boring

A total of 10 programs are available, including “Talk Talk in the Forest” for children,” Sweet and Refreshing Forest Family” for family outings, “Go Healthy and Go Happy” open to anyone, “Heat and Cold Circulation Therapy,” “Forest Detox,” and “Keep Your Spirits Up” for the elderly. A group of five or more participants can participate in the programs on weekdays. Wednesdays are for smaller groups. All programs will be accompanied by a forest healing leader and designed to help participants feel the forest with their five senses and take a rest in a laid-back environment.

If you want to relax your body and mind in the forest, “Go Healthy and Go Happy” is recommended. Breathing in clean air along with phytoncides woud be a good way to interact with the mountain. As you walk barefoot in the red clay garden, you can awaken all your senses and fill your body with positive energy through the final therapy and meditation session. “Heat and Cold Circulation Therapy” is popular particularly among adults. This program begins with getting your body in balance. As you walk along the forest path and do stretching, you will start to sweat, which will boost your circulation. Now is time to do “Yoga Meditation.” It is a program that enables you to improve your posture in the sunlight. Lastly, you can take your time to sweat and relax in a “Thermal Therapy” session that uses a dry half-bath. If you feel reluctant to participate in a program with others due to COVID-19, you can always choose the non-contact program. Read the instructions and examine the kits provided by the National Center for Forest Therapy, Daeunsan before enjoying the therapy alone.

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National Center for Forest Therapy, Daeunsan
  • ∨ +82-52-255-9800
  • ∨ 09:00–18:00 (Closed on weekends)
  • ∨ Phone reservation required
  • ∨ Program Fees (1 h) Individual KRW 5,000 Group (of 20 or more) KRW 4,000 Ulju-gun Residents KRW 3,500
  • ∨ 225-92, Daeunsangdae-gil, Onyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan
  • blog.naver.com/fowi9800

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Q&A for the National Center for Forest Therapy, Daeunsan

In some weekends, the National Center for Forest Therapy hosts special events in lieu of its standard programs. Parking is available in the visitor parking lot located within the forest grounds. However, these parking spots are reserved for program participants, so if you are visiting the forest for hiking, you have to park your car at the 3rd Public Parking Lot and walk to the forest. There are no additional entrance fees other than program fees.

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