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Herb Island Herb Healing Center

The Aroma of Herbs for Relaxing Your Body and Mind

Herb Island’s Herb Healing Center allows one to experience the fragrance and the health benefits of herbs with one’s five senses. Its detox programs, which use herbs to prepare various naturally therapeutic techniques, is the pride of Herb Island.

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We use herbs in numerous ways that involve drinking them as tea or adding them to skincare products. There are more than 100 types of herbs that can be added to our food for better flavor and aroma. Basil often called the “king of herbs” relieves insomnia and prevents drowsiness while rosemary stops headaches and improves concentration. In the West, herbs have been used for skin brightening since the sixth century. They are currently being used in various ways such as creams, perfumes, and body oils. In order to get a closer look at herbs and the many different ways they are used, one can visit the 430,000 “Herb Island.”

Taking a Shower with the Embracing Scent of Lavender

Every summer, Herb Island is covered with lavender often called the “queen of fragrance.” Lavender, the native habitat of which is along the Mediterranean coast, contains volatile essential oils in every part of the plant, giving off a strong scent. The scent of lavender is believed to help relieve headaches and promote calmness. At Herb Island, a lavender- scented shower festival takes place every summer to cool your body and mind tired from the sweltering heat. The water used for the herb-scented shower is underground bedrock water with pine, lemon, and citronella oils that have both sterilizing and insect repellent effects.

It can also lift your spirits and clear your head, which is perfect for summer. Photo zones are set up across Venice and Santa Village near the Herb Castle. The water containing herbal oils is sprayed out like a mist in a fine particle spray form. As you walk through this fog tunnel, you will feel as if you were in a dream. Herb Island is Korea’s largest herb theme park. To live up to its reputation, it is equipped with many things to see and enjoy. Major facilities include a healing center, a herb experience room, a seminar room, a lodging complex, and a restaurant. It also sells various skincare products containing herbal extracts, aromatic oils, scented candles, and herb-related healthcare products. It is a cozy and cute place so beautifully decorated that you will have fun just looking around it.

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Healing Time with Herb Detox

Eating healthy and releasing toxins in a “detox” health care method has been gaining more and more popularity lately. Detox has become a concern for people who are suffering from irregular eating habits, stress and overwork. The Herb Healing Center uses herbs in their four detox programs “Gonggi (air),” “Baram (wind),” “Namu (tree)” and “Mul (water).” First, a consultation with a therapist over a cup of herbal tea will determine the herbs that match your physical constitution. The programs include color therapy. The rooms are color-themed to match different symptoms. For example, red helps the blood circulation, orange burns toxins, purple is a soothing tone, and blue helps boost the immune system. The first thing to do in the color therapy is to dive into a “Herbal Bath” and soak for 30 minutes.

Fresh herbs emit herb essences that smell nice and help the body to relax. Natural aroma oils and moisturizers help to remove skin waste and relieve muscle and joint pain. After the bath, you enter another room and experience a detox therapy using herbs and dry grass. A wooden tub is filled with fresh herbs and grass. As soon as you lie down your whole body starts absorbing the scent and energy of the herbs. Absorbed into the body, the fragrances decompose toxins and boost your immune system. Towards the end, the therapist will use aroma oils and massage your whole body. Tense muscles relax freely and the herbal oils aid your blood circulation.

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Herb Island Herb Healing Center
  • ∨ +82-1644-1997
  • ∨ Weekday 10:00~21:00, Saturday and holidays 10:00~23:00, Sunday 10:00~22:00(Closed on Wednesdays)
  • ∨ Reservation required
  • ∨ Air Healing Program KRW 100,000 (Weekend KRW 120,000), Wind Healing Program KRW 130,000 (Weekend KRW 156,000), Water Healing Program KRW 170,000 (Weekend KRW 204,000), Sky Healing Program KRW 225,000 (Weekend KRW 270,000)
  • ∨ Guests must be at least 14 years old (toddlers and children under 14 need parental guidance)
  • ∨ Parking Available
  • ∨ 35, Cheongshin-ro 947-gil, Sinbuk-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • www.herbhealingcenter.co.kr


For lovers, it can be a perfect date spot with a romantic tour route. You can start at the Herb Plant Museum and Herb Flower Shop, go through the Heart Tunnel and visit the photo zone in Santa Village, and enjoy private dinner at a Western-style restaurant called Athens Hall. You can finish your day by joining various activities at the Crafting Center and watching a performance on an outdoor stage in Venice. If you are with your family members, you can try donkey-riding, look around a mini zoo, and then, ride a gondola.

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