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    Korea’s BEST 5 Fall Foliage Sites

    Cool temperatures and colors change from the vibrant greens of summer to a rich palette of red, orange and yellow, signaling the arrival of autumn.

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    • Date09/22/2017
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    Celebrating Chuseok with Signature Foods

    Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving Day, is a symbol of the richness of Korea.

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    • Date09/20/2017
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    2017 Autumn Festivals in Korea

    As September rolls around, temperatures start to drop and a collective sigh can be heard across the nation as people everywhere finally feel relief from the summer's suffocating heat.

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    • Date09/18/2017
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    Traditional Korean Holiday of Bountiful Harvest, Chuseok

    Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving Day, is one of the biggest and most important holidays in Korea.

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    • Date09/14/2017
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    Set Off to Gwangmyeong for a Refreshing Cave Tour!

    The city of Gwangmyeong is a must for any travel itinerary of the metropolitan area. The city is easily accessible via public transit, taking just 15 minutes from Seoul Station to Gwangmyeong Station, and one hour and 20 minutes from Incheon International Airport.

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    • Date09/11/2017
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    A Shopping Paradise under your Feet, Seoul’s Top Underground Shopping Malls

    Korea’s four distinctive seasons, with cold winds in winter or the sudden downpours during the rainy season in summer may cause varying levels of inconvenience in having a pleasant shopping experience in Korea.

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    • Date09/07/2017
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    Shoestring Budget Travel! Enjoy Seoul on 10 Dollars!

    Traveling overseas may seem expensive, but it's also possible to enjoy a full vacation on a limited budget.

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    • Date09/04/2017
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    Satiate your Hunger at All-You-Can-Eat Restaurants in Seoul!

    Being under a tight budget doesn’t mean you should miss out on a delicious food tour!

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    • Date08/31/2017
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    Tour Seoul’s TOP 5 HOT CAFÉS!

    With sweet desserts and enough caffeine to clear one’s head, cafés are a must! Many travelers make use of the comfortable ambiance and Wi-Fi found in cafés to enjoy a moment of rest in their busy schedule while fueling up on energy between meals.

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    • Date08/28/2017
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    5 BEST Summer Vacation Spots in the City

    As temperatures soar, people dream of enjoying a relaxing vacation but dread traveling far to enjoy it. For people in Seoul, there is no need to worry!

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    • Date08/24/2017
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