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Muslim-friendly Restaurants

Information (menus and hours) may have changed since day of posting, so it is advised to call for updated information.

Prior reservation is highly recommended.

It is not easy for Muslim travelers to find appropriate food or prayer rooms in a non-Islamic country. If you are concerned about cultural inconveniences during your travel to Korea, please make use of the following information provided by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), which is doing its best to make Korea a Muslim-friendly destination.

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  • Song Jung (송정)

    ● Muslim Friendly

    Song Jung (송정)

    General Restaurant

  • Wolseong Restaurant (월성식당)

    ● Muslim Friendly

    Wolseong Restaurant (월성식당)

    General Restaurant

  • Waengyijip (왱이집)

    ● Muslim Friendly

    Waengyijip (왱이집)

    General Restaurant

  • Sinsegae Jjimdak (신세계 찜닭)

    ● Pork-free

    Sinsegae Jjimdak (신세계 찜닭)

    General Restaurant

  • Rindu Alam (린두알람)

    ● Self Certified

    Rindu Alam (린두알람)

    General Restaurant

  • Chaesik Café Jageun Bueok (채식까페작은부엌)

    ● Muslim Friendly

    Chaesik Café Jageun Bueok (채식까...

    General Restaurant

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