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  • Live performances that break and go beyond language barriers!

  • Daehak-ro, a street where plays and musicals are continuously staged.

  • Outstanding regional performances and festivals that bring out the areas' distinct characters

  • Editor’s Choice!


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  • Musical Chef (formerly Bibap)
    Musicals FINISH

    Musical Chef (formerly Bibap...

    07.07.2012 ~ 12.31.2020

    Amazing cook-off garnished with classical music, b...

  • Saturday Gugak Concert
    Non-verbal Subtitles FINISH

    Saturday Gugak Concert

    01.04.2020 ~ 12.26.2020

    Saturday Gugak Concert, where you can hear the tru...

  • Jamaica Health Club
    Plays FINISH

    Jamaica Health Club

    04.01.2018 ~ 12.31.2020

    A 30-day weight loss project of a star Ji, Sung-mi...

  • Music Drama Only You
    Musicals Subtitles FINISH

    Music Drama Only You

    09.01.2011 ~ 12.31.2020

    A couple in their fifth year of marriage VS a coup...

  • Finding Mr. Destiny
    Musicals Subtitles FINISH

    Finding Mr. Destiny

    06.17.2016 ~ 12.31.2020

    The love of her life, strikingly handsome and smar...

  • Prison - Seoul
    Musicals FINISH

    Prison - Seoul

    04.29.2020 ~ 02.28.2021

    A hilarious show turning audiences into actors

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