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Daehak-ro, a street where plays and musicals are continuously staged.

Daehak-ro is a major “arts & culture street” of Korea with some 150 theaters clustered in the area. Stretching for about 1.6km from Jongno 5-ga in Jongno-gu to the Hyehwa-dong Rotary, Daehak-ro was designated a “cultural zone” operated as a “no cars zone” on weekends. You can visit many historically and culturally popular sites such as Marronnier Park and Naksan Park, or see and taste the latest trends at the various eateries and shopping facilities.

Daehak-ro Map

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This detailed map shows the locations of theaters, cultural facilities, coffee shops, restaurants, a subway station, roads, and others in Daehakro with Marronnier park in the center.

Arts and Culture Festivals

  • 2020 Welcome Daehakro

    2020 Welcome Daehakro

    Daehangno Street is the Korean version of off-Broadway, with...

    Period :
    2020.09.18 ~ 2020.10.25 (39 days)
  • D. Festa: Daehangno Street Performance Festival (대학로 거리공연축제 2020)

    D. Festa: Daehangno Street P...

    This year’s D. Festa, also known as the Daehangno Street Per...

    Period :
    2020.06.05 ~ 2020.06.07 (3 days)
  • International Modern Dance Festival (국제현대무용제(MODAFE) 2020)

    International Modern Dance F...

    International Modern Dance Festival, abbreviated to MODAFE, ...

    Period :
    2020.05.14 ~ 2020.05.29 (16 days)
  • Seoul Theater Festival (서울연극제 2020)

    Seoul Theater Festival (서울연극...

    Seoul Theater Festival is a theatrical arts festival that ha...

    Period :
    2020.05.02 ~ 2020.05.31 (30 days)

Nearby Toulist Information

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    Naksan Park (낙산공원)

    Naksan Park gets its name from its camel hum...

  • Changgyeonggung Palace (창경궁)

    Changgyeonggung Palace (창경...

    Located in the heart of Seoul, Changgyeonggu...

  • Dongdaemun Fashion Town (동대문 패션타운)

    Dongdaemun Fashion Town (동...

    Dongdaemun Fashion Town is the largest fashi...

Nearby Eateries

  • Tasty and Fancy Daehangno Tour

    Tasty and Fancy Daehangno Tour

    Daehangno, also known as Daehak-ro, is Korea’s mecca of performing arts and culture. Accommodating small and large theater halls, every street in this district often turns itself into a stage that is ...

  • Culinary Tour on Daehak-ro Street (University Street)

    Culinary Tour on Daehak-ro Street (University Street)

    Daehak-ro is known as the street for culture and the young. Various plays and musical performances are endlessly shown in a small theaters while young artists frequently perform live acts and busk on ...

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