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Naksan Beach (낙산해수욕장)

  • Naksan Beach (낙산해수욕장)
  • Naksan Beach (낙산해수욕장)
  • Naksan Beach (낙산해수욕장)
  • Naksan Beach (낙산해수욕장)
  • Naksan Beach (낙산해수욕장)
  • Naksan Beach (낙산해수욕장)
  • Naksan Beach (낙산해수욕장)
  • Naksan Beach (낙산해수욕장)
  • Naksan Beach (낙산해수욕장)
  • Address 59, Haemaji-gil, Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do
    강원도 양양군 강현면 해맞이길 59
  • Type Seasides/ Beaches/ Islands
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    Naksan Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Yangyang, located in Joseon-ri, Yangyang-eup, Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do. Since its opening in 1963, it has attracted more than 1 million visitors each year, its reputation being rivaled only by the Gyeongpodae Beach on the east coast of Korea. The 4 kilometer-long sand beach contrasts magnificently with the lush pine trees of the area. The water is less than 1.5 meter deep, making it a good place for all ages. Naksanhang Port marks one end of the beach, behind which Naksan Mountain, the location of Naksansa Temple, can be found. The other end has a lake formed at the delta of Namdaecheon Stream, which originates from Seoraksan Mountain. Many cafes, convenience stores, restaurants, and accommodations cater to the needs of the visitors. The beach sees considerable traffic in winter as well, when it serves as a popular venue for sunrise-watching, particularly for the New Year’s Day festival.

    Opening date
    July 12 – August 25

    N/A (Open all year round)

    Varies by activity

    Activity Information
    Walking on the beach, playing in the water

    Age Limit for Activities
    Open to visitors of all ages

    Operating Hours
    Open 24 hr (Swimming hours 09:00-18:00)

    Maximum Occupancy

    Parking Facilities
    Available (Approx. 150 spaces for sedans)

    Available Facilities
    Naksan Beach

    Admission Fees

    Facility Utilization Fees

    Parking Fees


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