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Oedo-Botania (외도 보타니아)

  • Oedo-Botania (외도 보타니아)
  • Oedo-Botania (외도 보타니아)
  • Oedo-Botania (외도 보타니아)
  • Oedo-Botania (외도 보타니아)
  • Oedo-Botania (외도 보타니아)
  • Oedo-Botania (외도 보타니아)
  • Oedo-Botania (외도 보타니아)
  • Oedo-Botania (외도 보타니아)
  • Address 17, Oedo-gil, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
    경상남도 거제시 일운면 외도길 17
  • Type Parks
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    • For more info: +82-55-681-4541
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    Oedo-Botania is a marine botanical garden located on an island in Hallyeohaesang National Park between Tongyeong and Geojedo Island. What started over 30 years ago as a private garden has expanded to cover the entire island in a plethora of plants in European-style gardens, accented by scultures and statues. The garden blooms in a riot of flowers in April, and visitors can walk in the cool shade of the forested trails in summer. Recently, dinosaur footprints were found on the island, adding to its value. The island's cafe offers drinks and light snacks, along with a fantastic view of Haegeumgang Island and the surrounding blue sea. Oedo-Botania is only accessable via a ferry tour, and there are no accommodations on the island.

    Refer to the official website

    Approx. 1 hr 30 min

    Tour Course Information
    Main gate - management office - Cactus Hill - Venus Garden - Lee House - Benvenuto Garden - Bamboo Road - Panorama Observatory - Sculpture Park - Eden Church - Hill of Love Observatory - Stairway to Heaven - gift shop - Geojedo Observatory - Breakwater/Lighthouse of Hope

    Operating Hours
    Winter 08:30-17:00
    Summer 08:00-19:00

    Parking Facilities
    Available at ferry dock

    Admission Fees
    Individuals - Adults 11,000 won / Teenagers 8,000 won / Children 5,000 won
    Groups - Teenagers 6,000 won / Children 4,000 won

    Available Facilities
    Themed gardens, observatory, rest area, walking paths, gift shop, etc.


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