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Jasan Park (자산공원)

  • Jasan Park (자산공원)
  • Jasan Park (자산공원)
  • Jasan Park (자산공원)
  • Jasan Park (자산공원)
  • Jasan Park (자산공원)
  • Jasan Park (자산공원)
  • Jasan Park (자산공원)
  • Jasan Park (자산공원)
  • Address 54, Jasangongwon-gil, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do
    전라남도 여수시 자산공원길 54 (종화동)
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    The city of Yeosu is nestled on the Yeosu Peninsula and the areas of Yeosu-si, Yeoncheon-si and Yeocheon-gun, which all have the same first character ‘려(麗) (ryeo)’ were combined as one into Yeosu-si as of April, 1998.

    Located at the entrance of the breakwater of Odongdo Island, Jasan Park embraces the South Sea.
    Thousands of evergreen trees and flowering plants spread out over the wide flats when approaching the peak by the steep staircase. The park has a 15 meter-high Yi Sun-sin statue, built in 1967 to honor his birth along with Jinnamje Festival, Jasangak, Chunghontop (memorial tower) and a fair view with a refreshing sea breeze. In addition, Ilchuljeong, Sunrise Arbor which was constructed in 1998, is beloved as a resting spot by many visitors.

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