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Gudam Village (구담마을)

  • Gudam Village (구담마을)
  • Gudam Village (구담마을)
  • Gudam Village (구담마을)
  • Gudam Village (구담마을)
  • Gudam Village (구담마을)
  • Gudam Village (구담마을)
  • Gudam Village (구담마을)
  • Gudam Village (구담마을)
  • Gudam Village (구담마을)
  • Gudam Village (구담마을)
  • Gudam Village (구담마을)
  • Gudam Village (구담마을)
  • Address 49, Cheondam 1-gil, Imsil-gun, Jeollabuk-do
    전라북도 임실군 덕치면 천담1길 49
  • Type Village Experiences/Sightseeing Plantations
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    • For more info: +82-63-644-9051
  • Homepage www.me.go.kr
  • Information
    Located at the beginning of the Seomjingang River, the steep banks in Gudam Village are covered in maehwa (plum blossoms) in white and red. While strolling along the 3-kilometer-long path of the riverside that connects Gudam Village to Cheondam Village, tourists will be impressed by the beautiful scene created by the plum and cherry blossoms. The village became more and more famous thanks to its cozy ambience created by the Seomjingang River, plum blossoms and Zelkova at the mouth of the village, attracting visitors to enjoy a walking trip. The village has also served as a filming location for movies, including the film "Spring in My Hometown (1998)."

    N/A (Open all year round)

    Tour Course Information
    * Food: Honey made with plum blossoms, plums, plum extract, pickled plums, native grass enzyme, sujebi with marsh snails
    * Nearby attractions: Hoemunsan Recreational Forest, Imsil Cheese Theme Park, Seomjingang River

    Film Locations
    Film - "Spring in my Hometown (1998)," "Chunhyang (2000)"

    Activity Information
    * Recommended activities: Walking the path filled with plum blossom trees, making accessories with wild flowers, five-colored string figures
    * Activities vary by season and local conditions; inquire in advance

    Parking Facilities
    Not available

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