Korea Visas & Passports, Customs Allowances, Arrival Procedures

Korea Visas & Passports

Foreigner visitors intending to stay in Korea must have a valid passport and get a visa issued before arrival. A visa can be applied for at a Korean Embassy or Consulate General. However, some countries are exempted from the visa requirement based on a visa exemption agreement or reciprocity principle agreed between nations. There are countries with which Korea has signed a visa exemption agreement, including the U.K., Germany, U.S., France, and Spain, which offers 90 days-stay without a visa. Click on the link below for more detailed information.


Upon entrance into Korea, all visitors must submit a customs declaration form after claiming their baggage. Those who have nothing to declare may proceed to the non-declaration aisle but may be subject to a customs inspection. Those with something to declare must proceed to the declaration aisle where they will be given swift customs clearance services such as post tax payment. Some of the items that must be declared upon arrival are liquor, foreign currency, and animal and plant products.

Korea Visas & Passports
Customs Allowances
Arrival Procedures