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Korean Cooking Classes print

 Korean Cooking Classes

It is said that to really understand a country's culture, you must experience its food. Luckily, there are many Korean cooking classes available to offer visitors greater insight into Korean culture.

There are a number of companies and institutions offering half-day hands-on programs like Korean cooking classes to make bulgogi and bibimbap, experiences in wearing hanbok and tea ceremony, and tours to nearby traditional markets. In this section, we present the hands-on programs offered by the Food & Culture Academy, O'ngo Food Communications, Chongga Kimchi World, Yoo's Family (Guesthouse), and Tteok Museum. 

• Food & Culture Korea – Korean Food Cooking Class

The Food & Culture Korea is an educational institution of culinary culture. Established in 2002, it strives to globalize Korean food through development of sauces and standardization of recipes. It is also active in offering consultation and production of food in Korean movies, dramas, and TV programs, including King and the Clown, Le Grand Chef, and A Frozen Flower. It offers cooking classes in English and Japanese to help foreigners better understand Korean food and culture. At an additional charge, participants can experience wearing hanbok (10,000 won) or visit a nearby traditional market (Tongin market) to buy ingredients and eat old-fashioned topokki (30,000 won). The programs are offered from 9am to 6pm (except Sundays), and a minimum of two persons is required.
Program Content Price Time
Food culture experience class Making a variety of Korean foods
(Bulgogi, mandu, haemul-pajeon, kimchi, japchae, bibimbap, etc)
25,000 won - 50,000 won About 60 minutes

Go to Food & Culture Academy
Food & Culture Homepage: (Korean, English, Chinese)
How to apply: Tel (+82-2-720-6704, +82-2-725-3229),
     e-mail (English) / (Japanese)

• O'ngo Food Comunications

O'ngo Food Communications started out with an interest in Korean food and grew into a consulting firm. Today, the company's Korean food specialists offer culinary tours and cooking classes to promote Korean food and culture. The cooking classes are offered in three levels, with beginners and intermediate participants each having three class choices to choose from. Classes are offered in English and Japanese, and a visit to a nearby traditional market (Nagwon Market) is planned after lesson. The classes are offered daily Monday through Friday at 10am and 2pm, and there is a special class on Saturdays. For more detailed information, please check their website.

Program Content Price Time Notes
Beginner Bulgogi, seasonal kimchi 65,000 won
About 2 hours Reservation at least one day in advance
Haemul-pajeon, sundubu-jjigae
Dak-galbi, japchae
Intermediate Temple food (three types of namul dishes) 120,000 won About 3 hours Reservation at least one day in advance
Side dishes (5 to 6 types)
Korea-style BBQ (three meats, two vegetables)
Advanced Menu and course selection available
(Soups, noodles and mandu, fermented sauce, royal court dishes, etc)
250,000 won About 4 hours Reservation at least one week in advance
Special class
Menu selection available
Minimum 3 persons required
55,000 won About 2.5 hours Discounted to 50,000 won if payment made a day in advance
* A discount of 5% offered to those taking three classes.

Go to O'ngo Food Communications
O'ngo Food Homepage: (Korean, English, Japanese)
O'ngo Food Facebook:
How to apply: Tel (+82-2-3446-1607), e-mail (



• Yoo's Family

Housed in a hanok guesthouse, Yoo's Family offers various hands-on programs including Korean cooking classes to make kimchi and kimchi fritters, a hanbok-wearing program, and tea ceremony. There are four hands-on programs a day (10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00; closed on Sundays and New Year holiday). Reservation is taken for a minimum of two persons, and classes are available with Japanese and English interpretation.
(* 10% discount for groups of 10 persons or more per program)

Program Content Price Time Notes
A Tea drinking, hanbok wearing 20,000 won About 40 minutes  
B Tea ceremony, hanbok wearing and Korean etiquette, rubbing of traditional folk painting 40,000 won About 60 minutes  
C Tea ceremony, making kimchi fritters, hanbok wearing and Korean etiquette, rubbing of traditional folk painting 50,000 won About 1.5 hours  
D Tea drinking, making Napa cabbage kimchi 45,000 won About 1.5 hours  
A + D Tea drinking, hanbok wearing, making Napa cabbage kimchi 55,000 won About 2 hours  
E Explanation of ingredients and fermentation process, making of gochujang red pepper paste, sampling of bibimbap 65,000 won About 1.5 hours  

Go to Yoo's Family
Yoo's Family Homepage:  (Korean, English, Japanese)
How to apply: Tel (+82-2-3673-3266) (Korean, English, Japanese)
     e-mail (


• Tteok Museum

The Tteok Museum offers classes where visitors can make traditional foods like tteok (traditional rice cakes), kimchi, and makgeolli. An application is required for groups of at least five to ten people. The food made can be taken home after sampling, and visitors can also wear hanbok for an additional charge of 10,000 won.

Program Content Price Time Notes
Makgeolli making Makgeolli making and sampling 50,000 won About 2 hours Minimum 10 persons
Tteok making Making and sampling of two types of rice cake* About 2 hours Minimum 5 persons
Kimchi making Making and sampling of one type of kimchi* About 2 hours
Traditional food making Making and sampling of two types of traditional food*, hanbok wearing 70,000 won About 2.5 hours
* Tteok: one of the two types of rice cakes produced with different cooking methods and ingredients
* Kimchi: one of the following types: Napa cabbage kimchi, bossam kimchi, cucumber kimchi, white kimchi, and scallion kimchi (may differ by season)
* Traditional food: two of the following types: bulgogi, japchae, royal court topokki, kimchi fritter, seafood fritter, sundubu-jjigae, and bibimbap 

Go to Tteok Museum
Tteok Museum Homepage: (Korean, English, Japanese)
How to apply: Tel (+82-2-741-5447) (Korean, English, Japanese)


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Last updated in November, 2012


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