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Hongdae print

The area surrounding Hongik University, or 'Hongdae' (홍대) as it's affectionately called, is the center of Korea's youthful nightlife. Many of Seoul's idiosyncratic clubs that draw the younger set are clustered in the area, and on the last Friday of every month these clubs host a 'Club Day.' The Hongdae Club Day was first started in 2001 as a way to promote the club business, and has since become a staple as a festival of youth. A 15,000 won ticket gains party-goers admittance into 11 clubs, with one drink on the house. It is an ideal place for people who find dancing and music irresistible. Head over to Hongdae Club Day on the last Friday of the month. A wild gathering of young adults from all over the world is waiting.
[Cafe Introductions]
1. M.I
Club M.I has an impressive sound system that replays the tiniest sounds intact, and brilliant laser lights. The DJ deck is decorated with gleaming metals, and the stylish, modern interior attracts a style-conscious crowd.
Music: Trance, Progressive House, House
Hours: Weekdays 19:30-04:30, Weekends 19:30-06:00
Cover: Weekdays 7,000 won, Weekends 10,000 won (includes 1 drink)

2. SK@
With a varied age level from the 20s to the 40s, SK@ boasts a welcoming and liberated atmosphere. Photos of regulars and currency from all over the world given by foreign visitors adorn the walls.
Music: Rock, Pop, Mixed
Hours: Weekdays 18:00-05:00, Weekends 18:00-06:00
Cover: Weekdays free, Weekends 10,000 won (includes 1 drink)
3. DD
The walls are decorated in neon lighting for a strong modern appeal, and the dance floor is a blessing for tired ankles. DD's playlist runs the familiar repertoire of Hip Hop and R&B hits.
Music: Hip Hop, R&B
Hours: Weekdays 18:00-05:00, Weekends 18:00-06:00
Cover: Weekdays 5,000 won, Weekends 10,000 won (includes 1 drink)
4. MWG (Myungwolgwan)
Once a club with a unique traditional Korean atmosphere, it has since undergone a major renovation and redecoration effort, transforming itself into a modern spot instead. With plush sofas and mirrored walls, MWG is famous for inviting DJs from overseas to spin.
Music: House, Tribal, Progressive House
Hours: Weekdays 20:00-03:00, Weekends 19:00-06:00
Cover: Weekdays free, Weekends 10,000 won (includes 1 drink)
5. NB
The largest club in the Hongdae area, NB is mainly a Hip Hop club but also has separate rooms that play House and other genre of music. A shower system is installed in the ceilings for unique water parties. A rest area in the 2nd level overlooks the 1st level, so that guests can catch up on rest while not missing out on the happenings down below.
Music: Hip Hop, R&B
Weekdays: Weekdays 19:30-04:00, Weekends 19:30-06:00
Cover: Weekdays 10,000 won, Weekends: 15,000 won (includes 1 drink)
The space is relatively small but a devoted clientele of the young always crowds into MATMATA. It lures people in with a diverse mix of House music and friendly atmosphere.
Music: House, Deep House, Funky Disco
Hours: Weekdays 19:00-04:00, Weekends 19:00-06:00
Cover: Weekdays 7,000 won, Weekdays 10,000 won (includes 1 drink)
A Western-themed bar familiar even to infrequent partiers, HOOPER is the only club in Hongdae that plays Korean Pop music.
Music: Korean pop, Pop, House, Hip Hop
Hours: Weekdays 18:30-04:00, Weekends 18:00-06:00
Cover: Weekdays free, Weekends 10,000 won (includes 1 drink)
SAAB is well known for the giant fan installed behind the main stage. Fashion-conscious college students and young professionals make up most of the clientele.
Music: House, Hip Hop, Mixed
Hours: Weekdays 18:00-04:00, Weekends 18:00-06:00
Cover: Weekdays free, Weekends 10,000 won (includes 1 drink)
9. Hodge Podge
Playing funky Brit-Pop, alternative rock, and pop songs, Hodge Podge is a club popular with people who are tired of the typical techno music played at most clubs. It's a great place to experience something new.
Music: Rock, Brit Pop, Pop
Hours: Weekdays 19:00-04:00, Weekends 19:00-06:00
Cover: Weekdays 7,000 won, Weekends 10,000 won (includes 1 drink)
Spinning futuristic underground music, JOKERRED is famous for having a clientele full of ardent music fans. Guest DJs from outside Korea are frequently invited to spin.
Music: Progressive House, House, Trance, Techno
Hours: Weekdays 19:00-02:00, Weekends 19:00-05:00
Cover: Weekdays 5,000 won, Weekends 10,000 won (includes 1 drink)
Homepage: (Korea)
Old Rock mainly serves a clientele of people in their 30s to 40s, but plays a good mix of everything from nostalgic oldies rock to current rock favorites.
Music: Rock, Pop
Hours: Weekdays 19:00-03:00, Weekends 19:00-04:00
Cover: Free except on Club Days
[A German Tourist at the Club- An Interview with Nick]
It's not uncommon to see foreign visitors in Hongdae, drawn in by their curiosity for Korean nightlife. Nick, visiting from Germany, was one of many such people making the rounds at the clubs to enjoy the dancing and music.
T2K: I just saw you dancing a little while ago, it was impressive! What country are you from?
Nick: I'm from Germany, and it's been about a week since I've come to Korea.
T2K: Is it your first time at Hongdae Club Day?
Nick: Yeah, my Korean friends brought me along, and I'm having a fantastic time!
T2K: Is there something like the Hongdae Club Day in Germany?
Nick: In Germany, it depends on the region- some of the bigger cities hold club festivals from time to time. But the differences are that the restaurants here are open 24 hours, so that's great, and that they hold a Club Market.
T2K: What genre of music do you like?
Nick: If I can dance to it, I like it!
[Tips for Enjoying the Hongdae Club Day]
1. If thirsty, seek refreshment at nearby convenience stores. 2. If hungry, seek out one of the many street vendors that sell 'tteokbokgi' (spicy rice cakes) or 'eodaeng' (fish cakes).

3. After a long night of dancing, if you get hungry while waiting to catch the first subway home, visit a 24 hour grill to recover some of your spent energy. 4. Visit the Club Market. It opens on Club Days and you can find many clothing items and accessories ideal for wearing to the clubs. (Check the location on a map!)
[Transportation and map]
Hongik Univ. Station 홍대입구 역 (Seoul Subway line No.2), Exit No.6.

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