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PLZ (Peace & Life Zone) print

The 6th Course: Paju 70km-Imjingang River: Where Still Waters Run Deep
The Imjingang River flows from North Korea through the Demilitarized Zone and down to South Korea. The Imjingang River runs through a total of seven cities and counties in both Koreas before it meets up with the Hangang River and flows into the West Sea. The 6th section of the PLZ (DMZ) course starts with taking a boat along the Imjingang River. The Imjingang used to be a very busy river, and although it is now quiet, visitors will be able to see the remnants of old ports. North Korean villages are even visible over the water. As you make your way along the Imjingang river, you will be rewarded with many peaceful views, but the historical sites along the way will give you an insight into the area’s turbulent past.
Dujinaru Ferry -> Imjingak -> Dorasan Station -> The 3rd Infiltration Tunnel-> Dora Observatory -> Odu Mountain Unification observatory
Dujinaru Ferry (두지나루)
Before the Korean War broke out, people took sailboats to travel or to deliver daily necessities to the inland areas of Gyeonggi-do province. After the war ended, the ferry stopped being used, except in emergencies. Recently however, due to the area’s picturesque scenery, boats have started running again, and visitors can take a trip along the river.
Fare: Adults 8,000 won, Children 6,000 won
Inquiries: 031-958-2557~8 (Box Office of Dujinaru Ferry)
☞ Paju Tour Homepage: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Water road with serenity & beauty >> Hwangpo Sailboat Tour
• Duji Ferry → Geobuk (Turtle-shaped) Rock → the Cliffs of the Imjingang Riverbank → Gorang Port (6km round trip tour, it takes about 45 minutes)

Visitors can take a ride on a sailboat, which is a reconstruction of the boats used on this river during the Joseon Dynasty. This is the section of the Imjingang river that has opened to the public since the Korean War. On the boat, you can enjoy the picturesque landscape of the river and its surroundings for 45 minutes. The boat goes all the way to Gorang Inlet, which is just 3km away from North Korea.

Operating Hours: 10:00-18:00 (7 times a day in summer, 6 times a day in winter)
Fare: Adults 8,000 won, Children 6,000 won
Inquiries: 031-958-2557 (Box Office of Dujinaru Ferry)

Imjingak Park (임진각)
Imjingak ParkImjingak Park was built in 1072 to help North Koreans who had been forced to leave their hometown come to terms with the situation. There are several monuments, including the Unification Pond and Freedom Pond. Imjingak is now one of the most popular spots in Gyeonggi-do Province related to the DMZ, because it is very easy for travelers to visit as you do not need to go through any security checkpoints.
Inquiries: 031-953-4744 (Tourist Information Center of Imjingak Park)
☞ Paju Tour Homepage: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Dorasan Station (도라산역)
Dorasan StationFollowing the first inter-Korean summit in 2000, the Gyeongui Railway Line, which used to run between the two Koreas, was restored. Dorasan Station, which is located within the Civilian Control Line, was opened, and in 2002 it was visited by the president of the United States, George W. Bush. At the station, the president made a speech about the DMZ and signed autographs. Since then, the station has become a symbol of the desire for the unification of Korea.
Inquiries: 031-953-3334 (Dorasan Station)
※ You can take the train from Seoul station to Dorasan, but you will have to get off the train at Imjingak station to go through security checks. (Private cars are prohibited)
The 3rd Infiltration Tunnel (제3땅굴)
The 3rd Infiltration TunnelThe 3rd Infiltration Tunnel was discovered in 1978. The North Koreans had dug into South Korea and were only 44km from Seoul. It was estimated that if North Korea invaded, it would take only one hour for more than 30,000 soldiers and heavy weapons to move through the tunnel. Visitors can enter the tunnel on foot or using the monorail and can walk through the tunnel to the border of the DMZ.
Monorail Operating Hours: 09:20, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00 (Monday-Friday) / 09:20, 10:00, 11:00, 13:30, 14:30 (Weekends)
Inquiries: 031-940-8345 (Tourist Information Center), 031-954-0303, ext. 0640 (Box Office)
※ Visitors cannot visit the tunnel by private car, you will need to take the shuttle bus from Imjingak Park (Private cars are prohibited).
☞ Paju Tour Homepage: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Dora Observatory (도라전망대)
Dora ObservatoryFrom the observatory, visitors will be able to see Mt. Songhaksan and the Gaeseong Industrial Complex. The outskirts of Gaeseong city and some of North Korea’s co-op farms are also visible. The observatory has an important place in history since the South Koreans successfully defended it during the war, and the Military Demarcation Zone was established just beyond the observatory.
Opening Hours: 10:00-17:00 (Closed on Mondays)
Inquiries: 031-954-0303 (Box Office)
※ Visitors cannot visit the observatory by private car, you will need to take the shuttle bus from Imjingak Park (Private cars are prohibited).
Odu Mountain Unification observatory (오두산전망대)
You can enjoy both beautiful views and hands-on activity programs at the Mt. Odusan Observatory. From the platform, you can look through a telescope and observe North Koreans’ daily lives and then participate in various hands-on activity programs downstairs. The most popular program is trying on North Korean clothing.
Opening Hours: January-February 09:00-16:30, March 09:00-17:00, April-September 09:00-17:30, October 09:00-17:00, November-December 09:00-16:30 (Open all your round)
Admission Fees: Adults 2,500 won, Students 1600 won, Children 1,000 won
Inquiries: 031-945-3171 (Mt. Odusan Observatory)
☞ Odusan Observatory Homepage: (Korean, English)
◇ For more information on PLZ(DMZ) tour packages, contact
☞ DMZ Tour +82-2-706-4851~2, Homepage
☞ Hyundai Asan +82-2-3669-3000, Homepage

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