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PLZ (Peace & Life Zone) print

The 5th Course: Yeoncheon 100km _In touching distance of the DMZ
Part of the 5th course runs parallel with the barbed wire of the DMZ. Sintan-ri Station, the starting point of the tour, is where both the railway and the road ends, and you cannot go further north, bringing home to visitors the stark reality of this divided nation. This course brings you closer to North Korea than any of the other courses. During the first 1km of the tour, you walk along the barbed wire of the DMZ, from where you can see a North Korean guard post. Such an experience is both thrilling and solemn.
Sintan-ri Station -> Yeolsoe Observatory -> Taepung Observatory -> Sangseung OP (Observation Post)
Sintan-ri Station (신탄리역)
Sintan-ri Station, which is located at 38° N Latitude, used to be in North Korean territory when the country was first divided after the Second World War. However, following the Korean War, it became part of the South’s territory. It is located 4km away from the armistice line, and is now the final station of the Gyeongwon Railroad Line, which starts in Seoul.
Inquiries: 031-834-8887 (Sintan-ri Station)
Yeoncheon Tour Homepage: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Yeolsoe Observatory (열쇠전망대)
The Yeolsoe Observatory was built to comfort those people who were originally from North Korea, but now cannot go home. Within the observatory is an exhibit of items that North Koreans use in their daily life and also of military equipment giving visitors a glimpse into life in the Communist State. Visitors have tied ribbons to the barbed wire fence, on which they have written their wishes for the unification of the two Koreas.
Open: 09:00-16:00
Inquiries: 031-839-2061, ext. 2823 (Department of Culture & Tourism, Yeoncheon-gun County Office), 031-834-2872 (The Military Unit guarding the area)
A Perfect Walk! >>Walking along the barbed wire fence of the DMZ
Walking along the barbed wire fence of the DMZ• The section of the DMZ fence in the Yeolsoe Observatory area (1km, takes about 20 minutes)

Walking along the fence of the DMZ you can feel the pain of the nation’s separation. You can actually touch the fence, see North Korea, and feel the tension of the border area.
※ To do this walk, you must make a reservation at least 3 days in advance with DMZ Tour Korea (Tel. 02-706-4851~2). Only groups are allowed to do this hike.
Taepung Observatory (태풍전망대)
The Taepung Observatory is only 800m away from the armistice line, 1.6km from a North Korean guard post, and 40km from Pyeongyang. The observatory is actually closer to Pyeongyang, North Korea’s capital, than it is to Seoul. From here, visitors can observe North Korean farmland and even some parts of Gaeseong city. The observatory displays some items used by North Koreans in their daily lives, which were found floating down the Imjingang river. Military equipment that was used by North Korean spies is also exhibited.
Open: 09:00-16:00
Inquiries: 031-839-2061, 2823 (Department of Culture & Tour, Yeoncheon-gun County Office), 031-834-7287 (The Military Unit guarding the area)
☞ Yeoncheon Tour Homepage: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Sangseung Observation Post (상승OP)
The observatory is in operation 24 hours a day to keep watch on the North Korean military. Through the telescope, you can observe North Korean soldiers, and listen to the North Korea’s propaganda broadcasts, which are aimed at South Korea and broadcasted regularly. You can only enter the observatory with the permission of the military. After entering, you should be careful to follow the strict military guidelines.
Open: 09:00-16:00
Inquiries: 031-839-2061, ext.823 (Department of Culture & Tourism, Yeoncheon-gun County Office), 031-867-3460 (The 25th Military Division)
※ To visit the observatory, you must submit an application to Baekhak-myeon Office at least 7 days in advance (Tel. 031-839-2601, Fax. 031-839-2681).
◇ For more information on PLZ(DMZ) tour packages, contact
☞ DMZ Tour +82-2-706-4851~2, Homepage
☞ Hyundai Asan +82-2-3669-3000, Homepage

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