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Ski Programs print

Ski Programs; fantasy world created by pure white snow!

Experience thrilling speed of skiing and freedom of snowboarding on high quality avalanches at the various ski resorts in Korea! Even first-time skiers will not need to fear of falling since an assortment of skiing and snowboarding lessons are available, taught by instructors who are not only highly skilled in their respectful techniques but also able to converse in foreign languages.

Take part in other exciting performances and cultural experiences that vary according to respective facility where you can discover a special winter culture, found only in Korea. You can sign up for all of these fun simply by registering any of the programs listed below.

Fun Ski Festival

This ski festival is held from mid-December to early March at Yongpyong Resort, Korea's first ski slope and a well-known host venue of international winter sports, thus popular among international visitors. It offers an enjoyable and exciting winter experience with skiing and snowboarding lessons taught by experts, as well as a wide range of hands-on programs, snow featuring performances and serves as the host for skiing competitions and award ceremonies.

Session 1 January 10 (Sun)-January 13 (Wed), 2016
Session 2 February 21 (Sun)-February 24 (Wed), 2016
Session 3 December 16 (Wed)-December 19 (Sat), 2015
Session 4 January 24 (Sun)-January 27 (Wed), 2016
Session 5 March 2 (Wed)-March 5 (Sat), 2016

☞ Inquiries: Yongpyong Resort Ski & Snowboard +82-33-335-5757, +82-1588-0009

Go-Go Ski Festival

This ski festival is held from the peak of winter in Korea, which normally falls between mid-December to early March, at High1 Resort, where it is equipped with top-class exhilaration added facilities. Visitors can take part in expert-taught skiing lessons of varying levels of difficulty, in addition to performances and events held in relation to the beauty and charm of Korean culture.

Session 1 December 13 (Sun)-December 16 (Wed), 2015
Session 2 January 31 (Sun)-February 3 (Wed), 2016
Session 3 January 17 (Sun)-January 20 (Wed), 2016
Session 4 February 16 (Tue)-February 19 (Fri), 2016

☞ Inquiries: High1 Resort +82-1588-7789

Ru-Ski Festival

Every year, special winter festivals are held at High1 Resort and Yongpyong Resort, of which are the top ski resorts located in Gangwon-do, a home to beautiful snowscape and high-quality snow to sled on. Festivals include performers from Russia and Australia, adding more diversity in cultural display and interesting scenes.

Session 1 January 3 (Sun)-January 6 (Wed), 2016 at Yongpyong Resort
Session 2 January 6 (Wed)-January 9 (Sat), 2016 at High1 Resort

☞ Inquiries: Yongpyong Resort Ski & Snowboard +82-33-335-5757, +82-1588-0009 / High1 Resort +82-1588-7789

Snowtube Race Festival

This festival runs on a two-day period, combining one-night snowtube sledding experience to those who cannot join the ski program. Sliding down the slope covered in white blanket of snow will make you relieve all the stress and in turn brings you back with only good old childhood memories. Two separate sessions during December 2015 have been scheduled at Yongpyong Resort, featuring snowtube races, cooking experiences, nonverbal performances, and various other hands-on activities.

Session 1 December 10 (Thu)-December 11 (Fri), 2015
Session 2 December 11 (Fri)-December 12 (Sat), 2015

☞ Inquiries: Yongpyong Resort Ski & Snowboard +82-33-335-5757, +82-1588-0009

Ski Korea Festival Program

The Ski Korea Festival Program consists of four days and three nights of the ski festivities and two days and one night of the snowtube race event. Brimming with exciting ski lessons and a diverse range of cultural performances, the Ski Korea Festival will surely to become your special winter memory.

Day 1 Beginner/intermediate skiing/snowboarding lessons
Free time skiing/snowboarding on snow
Korean cultural performance and cultural experience event
Day 2 Beginner/intermediate skiing/snowboarding lessons
Free time skiing/snowboarding on snow
Korean cultural performance and cultural experience event
Day 3 Skiing/snowboarding/snowtube competition
Free time skiing/snowboarding on snow
Award ceremony and banquet, recreation event
Day 4 Individual check-out and tour of nearby attractions

☞ 1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

* This page was last updated in November 2015, and therefore information may differ from what is presented here. We advise you to check details from the official websites before visiting.
** The festival period and program details are subject to change depending on the weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances. For more details, please contact the Korea Tourism Organization branch office of the region concerned.

<Last updated on November 19, 2015>