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In Korea, there are many year-round performances, including traditional performances, percussion performances, b-boy shows, fusion Gukak (traditional music), and martial arts. Experience Korea's diverse culture by seeing a show during your trip.

How to Book Performances

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 Dance Musical ‘Sachoom’ (사랑하면 춤을춰라 (사춤))
 Period: 05-01-2008 ~ 12-31-2014
 Region: Seoul
  “Sachoom” is a nonverbal dance musical that can be appreciated by all generations from all countries, as it presents a simple plot full of various dance genres including hip-hop, jazz, contemporary da...  
 Drum Cat (드럼캣 콘서트)
 Period: 09-18-2009 ~ 12-31-2014
 Region: Seoul
  Globally-recognized Korean performance, ‘Drum Cat’ whips people into a frenzy of rhythm and fun! Drum Cat, created in 2003, is an all-female percussion group that has moved into its own exclusive thea...  
 Miso (전통공연 미소)
 Period: 04-17-2010 ~ 12-31-2014
 Region: Seoul
  Starting in 1977, the Jeondong Theater opened with performances of traditional Korean dance and music, delighting audiences of all ages. Years later in 2008, the show was named ‘Miso’ and adapted into...  
 Live Fusion Gukak Music Performance ‘Fatna-Stick’ (판타스틱)
 Period: 04-21-2011 ~ 12-31-2014
 Region: Seoul
  Heart-beating sounds of powerful percussion rhythm and Heart-filling melodies of beautiful Gukak! Story of Korea with Korean traditional instruments; Dae-guem, Hae-geum, Gayaguen, and A-jaeng. When Fa...  
 Jump (점프)
 Period: 02-25-2012 ~ 12-31-2014
 Region: Seoul
  Ever since first hit the stage in July 2003, Jump has been incredibly popular in Korea. It also has had remarkable international success. In 2005 and 2006 it took the Edinburgh Fringe Festival by stor...  

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How to Book Performances

K-Performance provides real time ticket availability about various performances, musicals and shows in Korea, and lets users book their tickets directly on the site. (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Homestay Korea
Homestay Korea provides a selection of perfomances suitable for international visitors, including non-verbal performances. (Korean, English)
INTERPARK features an online booking system for various performances, as well as international events hosted in Korea. (English)
korea dmc
KOREA DMC is an online reservation site that makes it easy and convenient for international tourists to reserve tickets for various events and cultural performances. (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese(simplified), Chinese(traditional))
KTO Rush Ticket
Feature: Rush Ticket offers last minute discounts of up to 70% on performance tickets. The tickets can be purchased only on the day of the show. The tickets are available at KTO’s Tourist Information Center (TIC), where visitors can also get diverse tourism-related information.
* Payment Method: On-site payment
* How to Use Rush Ticket:
1) TIC
Visit KTO’s Tourist Information Center (TIC) → Check available tickets for the day → Receive a ticket voucher from the information clerk → Go to the performance venue
2) Performance Venue
Visit the performance venue → Present the ticket voucher and make payment → Enjoy the performance!

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