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Hongcheon Ginseng Festival
Hongcheon Ginseng Fe...
Hongcheon Ginseng Fe...
  • Hongcheon Ginseng Fe...
  • Hongcheon Ginseng Festival
  • Hongcheon Ginseng Festival
  • Hongcheon Ginseng Festival
  • Hongcheon Ginseng Festival
  • Hongcheon Ginseng Festival
  • Hongcheon Ginseng Festival
  • Hongcheon Ginseng Festival
  • Hongcheon Ginseng Festival
  • Hongcheon Ginseng Festival
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Gangwon-do Hongcheon-gun Hongcheon-eup Sangoan-ri
강원도 홍천군 홍천읍 갈마곡리 501
Gangwon Ginseng Agricultural Cooperative Association, Open square area
• 1330 tt call center: +82-33-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-33-435-3434
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Gangwon-do Hongcheon-gun /

First held in 2003, Hongcheon Ginseng Festival usually takes place in Hongcheon around mid October each year to promote the excellence of Gangwon Ginseng. The aged ginseng, which is 6 years old, of Hongcheon, recognized by KT&G as the best, is very famous across the nation.
During the festival, visitors can purchase Hongcheon Ginseng inexpensively and enjoy an exhibition on various Ginseng-related products. This festival is hosted by Gangwon-do province and sponsored by Gangwon Ginseng Agricultural Cooperative Association.

Festival Information: Gangwon’s Hongcheon Ginseng Festival will provide various attractions related to Ginseng, which is one of the famous healthy foods, which fits into the well-being trend. During the festival period, visitors can double their enjoyment by participating in 20 other additional programs such as a Ginseng Food Contest, a Ginseng Food Sampling Corner, a Ginseng Composition and Sketch Contest, a Mr. Ginseng Contest, and a Ginseng Digging Experience.
In addition, there will be various additional programs and events: Performances by Korean celebrities, a Traditional Taekkyeon Performance, a Ginseng Weigh-in, a Ginseng Song Contest, a Chinese Circus Performance and a Dudrak Performance. To attract more visitors, various exhibition events such as a Real Ginseng Growing Process Exhibition, a Ginseng Exhibition that rates its quality, and a Ginseng Product Exhibition will be held during the entire festival.
Also, visitors can get valuable information on Ginseng like how to recognize the hallmark and original place from a Comparative Ginseng Exhibition amongst Korea, China, and the US as well as Gangwon versus other Korean regions.
Don’t forget to visit the exhibition center of agricultural implements. For visitors, the most interesting part of the festival will be the chance to buy Hongcheon Ginseng products at incredible prices throughout the entire festival period.

Festival Highlights: There will be various food sampling corners to taste the 6-year-old Ginseng, which will be all around the festival. Visitors can taste various ginseng-related foods including Ginseng Makgulli, Ginseng Candy, Ginseng Seonsik (powdered food), Ginseng fried foods, Ginseng Milk, Hongsam (red ginseng) Tea, and Hongsam Yam Paste.
The instant event will provide Hongsam Candy and Powdered Hongsam as gifts. What’s more, a Ginseng Auction event will be held to allow visitors to buy ginseng products at unprecedented low prices.
Take the subway at Gangbyeon Station (Line 2) → Take a bus to Hongcheon at Dong Seoul Bus Terminal (6:15am~9:30pm / Travel Time: 2 hours / Fee: 8,700 won) → Take a taxi to the festival area.
(Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)

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