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Gangwon-do » Chuncheon-si » Gugok Falls (구곡폭포)


Gugok Falls (구곡폭포)   
Gugok Falls (구곡폭포)
Gugok Falls (구곡폭포)
  • Gugok Falls (구곡폭포)
  • Gugok Falls (구곡폭포)
  • Gugok Falls (구곡폭포)
  • Gugok Falls (구곡폭포)
  • Gugok Falls (구곡폭포)
  • Gugok Falls (구곡폭포)
  • Gugok Falls (구곡폭포)
  • Gugok Falls (구곡폭포)
  • Gugok Falls (구곡폭포)
  • Gugok Falls (구곡폭포)
  • Gugok Falls (구곡폭포)
  • Gugok Falls (구곡폭포)
  • Gugok Falls (구곡폭포)
  • Gugok Falls (구곡폭포)
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254, Gangchongugok-gil, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do
강원 춘천시 남산면 강촌구곡길 254
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• For more info: +82-33-250-3569
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Gugok Falls (구곡폭포) is located near Bonghwasan Mountain in Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do. The falls twist and turn nine different times before dropping down from a huge stone wall, ending in a magnificent 50m cascade. The falls are surrounded by interesting rock formations, one of which includes the Haneulbyeokbawi Rock.

Gugok Falls was designated as one of Chuncheon city’s official tourist attractions on February 13th, 1981. From the ticket office located at the entrance, it takes about 20 minutes to get to the falls on foot. In winter, the waterfalls are very popular among hikers because, when frozen, the height and the sheer size of the falls are perfect for ice climbing. If you hike through a nearby jae (a small mountain pass) named "Kkaldakgogae (깔닥고개)", you will come across a natural Munbae village where you can enjoy Sanchaebibimbap (mixed rice with seasoned wild vegetables) and traditional liquor.
Hiking Course
Gugok Falls Management Office - Doltap (돌탑) - Gugok Falls - Munbae Village (문배마을) - Gugok Falls Management Office (7km, 2 hours)
Operating Hours
Summer season 09:00-18:00 / Winter season 09:00-17:00
Admission Fees
* Individual
Adults 1,600 won / Teens 1,000 won / Children 600 won
* Group
Adults 1,400 won / Teens 800 won / Children 400 won
From Gangchon Station, take bus #50 or #50-1 downtown to Gugok Falls.
Get off in front of the Falls’ parking lot (at the ticket office).
Visitors can also rent a bike (2,000-3,000 won per hour) and ride to the falls from Gangchon Station by following the bike path which leads to the falls entrance (about 10min ride).

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