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Yukdam Falls (육담폭포)   
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Seoraksan National Park, Seorak-dong, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do
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If you begin at Seorak-dong in Oeseorak, cross the Biryong Bridge and pass by the Biryong Falls, you will reach Yukdam Falls (육담폭포), which actually consist of six waterfalls and a pond. Despite the fact that only a small amount of water actually flows in these waterfalls today, what is interesting, is how they came into existence: a slow-flowing stream of water eroded the rocks, creating dips and puddles at various levels, which later became a series of cascading waterfalls. The splendid scenery around the waterfalls is always a pleasing sight to the eyes of visitors.

Hiking Course
* Seorakdong (설악동) - Biseondae (비선대) - Yangpok (양폭) - Huiungak (희운각) - Daecheongbong Peak (대청봉) (11㎞, 7 hours)
* Seorakdong - Biseondae - Madeungnyeong (마등령) - Baekdamsa Temple (백담사, Inje) (16㎞, 12 hours)
* Seorakdong - Sinheungsa Temple (신흥사) - Gyejoam Temple (계조암) - Ulsanbawi Rock (울산바위) (3.8㎞, 2 hours)
* Seorakdong - Yukdam Waterfalls (육담폭포) - Biryong Waterfalls (비룡폭포) (2.6㎞, 1 hour)
* Seorakdong - Biseondae - Geumganggul Cave (금강굴) (3.6㎞, 1 hour 40 mins)
Parking Facilities
4 sectors, 1,400 cars
Take city bus No.7 or 7-1 from downtown Sokcho to Seorak-dong and get off at the final stop (Hanmi Sanjang). The bus operates at 10-minute intervals and the journey takes about half an hour.

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