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Gyeongsangbuk-do » Andong-si » Andong Folk Museum (안동민속박물관)


Andong Folk Museum (안동민속박물관)    
Andong Folk Museum (...
Andong Folk Museum (...
  • Andong Folk Museum (...
  • Andong Folk Museum (안동민속박물관)
  • Andong Folk Museum (안동민속박물관)
  • Andong Folk Museum (안동민속박물관)
  • Andong Folk Museum (안동민속박물관)
  • Andong Folk Museum (안동민속박물관)
  • Andong Folk Museum (안동민속박물관)
  • Andong Folk Museum (안동민속박물관)
  • Andong Folk Museum (안동민속박물관)
  • Andong Folk Museum (안동민속박물관)
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13, Minsokchon-gil, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
경상북도 안동시 민속촌길 13 (성곡동)
• 1330 tt call center: +82-54-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-54-821-0649 (Korean)
Operating Hours
09:00 - 18:00
Open all year round
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The Andong Public Folk Museum is where you can experience Confucian culture and traditional games of Korea. Andong is famous for Confucian culture and the four traditional ceremonies (the ceremonies of coming of age, marriage, funeral and ancestral worship). Here you can view the lifestyles of the past and important cultural treasures. The indoor museum is segmented into three exhibit halls. At Exhibit Hall 1, the process of going from the birth of a baby to childhood is displayed. At Exhibit Hall 2, the process of becoming an adult to the rituals of death and funeral is displayed. At Exhibit Hall 3, the daily life and traditional games are displayed in small models. Including old farming tools and cloth making process, the folk relics of this museum add up to 3,700 artifacts. There is also a visual system for videos. After you look through the indoor exhibits, head outside to the outdoor exhibits. The outdoor exhibit is a park complex, made of folk houses and cultural assets moved to this site. You will see exhibits representing the Andong lifestyle such as a stone house, a straw roofed, mud-hut and a watermill.
Main Facilities
Snack Bar, Restaurant, Traditional Product Shop, Parking Lot
Admission / Participation Fees
*Ages 20 - 64: 1000won (Groups of 30 people or more : 800won)
*Ages 6 - 19: 300won (Groups of 30 people or more : 200 won)
*Under 6, Over 65 : Free
Parking Facilities
200 spaces

* Take an intercity bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal (Gangbyeon station, Subway Line 2) to Andong
  (Bus schedule: 06:00 -23:00, 20-30 min intervals / Estimated travel time: 2hrs 50min)

At Andong Bus Terminal take Bus No.3 (Buses run every 20 minutes). Get off at the museum.

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