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Daejeon » Daedeok-gu » Daecheongho Lake (대청호)


Daecheongho Lake (대청호)   
Daecheongho Lake (대청...
Daecheongho Lake (대청...
  • Daecheongho Lake (대청...
  • Daecheongho Lake (대청호)
  • Daecheongho Lake (대청호)
  • Daecheongho Lake (대청호)
  • Daecheongho Lake (대청호)
  • Daecheongho Lake (대청호)
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Miho-dong, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon
대전 대덕구 미호동 일대
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Daecheongho Lake (대청호) is the third largest artificial lake in Korea, and the name comes from Daejeon’s “Dae” and Cheongwon-gun’s “Cheong”. The project began in 1975 and finished in 1980, and supplies roughly 1.5 billion tons of water to the people in the Daejeon and Cheongju areas. Daecheongho Lake is the result of damming the Geumgang River, and because it is such a huge lake, it functions as a source of water supply for the whole region.

Daecheongho Lake is famous for its clear water, the reflections of the mountain peaks on it, and the morning mist. Mt. Yasan is right by the lake, and creates beautiful scenery together. The mist that comes up in the morning on the water is very romantic, and during the day the blue sky and the white clouds bring on a different sense of harmony. If you follow the water, you can see a thick forest tunnel, and it is very elegant looking. Daecheongho Lake is also famous for its winter Hobandoro, and if you go up to the observation tower on the dam, you can enjoy the scenery even more. At the Dam Promotion office, you can learn about the daily operation of the dam, and also view multimedia presentations, aquariums and other interesting things. Many birds come in their season and nest at Daecheongho Lake. In the summer you can see snowy heron flying low and catching fish here. Because the scenery is so beautiful here, the lake is known as one of Daejeon’s most beautiful areas.

Operating Hours
09:30 - 17:30
Admission Fees
Free ( Water Culture Exhibition Room(Changed name of the old Public Relations Exhibition Room)
Local Transportation
* Bus
From Daejeon Station, take a city bus No.701, 720, 724 coming every 10 Min. to get off at Sintanjin Station. From here, transfer to a circular bus No.722 and 723. And get off at Daecheongdaem, a dam.

From Daejeon Station, the ride will take approximately 40 Min. by taxi.

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