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Seoul » Nowon-gu » Taereung / Gangneung (a.k.a, Taegangneung) [UNESCO World Heritage] (서울 태릉과 강릉 [유네스코 세계문화유산])


Taereung / Gangneung (a.k.a, Taegangneung) [UNESCO World Heritage] (서울 태릉과 강릉 [유네스코 세계문화유산])   
Taereung / Gangneung...
Taereung / Gangneung...
  • Taereung / Gangneung...
  • Taereung / Gangneung (a.k.a, Taegangneung) [UNESCO World Heritage] (서울 태릉과 강릉 [유네스코 세계문화유산])
  • Taereung / Gangneung (a.k.a, Taegangneung) [UNESCO World Heritage] (서울 태릉과 강릉 [유네스코 세계문화유산])
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※ Gangneung Tomb is not open to the public.
681, Hwarang-ro, Nowon-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 노원구 화랑로 681 (공릉동)
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Power from Behind the Veil: Queen Munjeong

Queen Munjeong is a highly respectable female figure in Korean history. Driven by political ambitions, she murdered her stepson to make her natal son the king, purged political adversaries, and then administered state affairs from behind the veil for eight years. It is remarkable that she retained absolute power when gender inequality and sexual discrimination prevailed during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). Taereung Royal Tomb (태릉) houses the burial mound of Queen Munjeong.
Taereung Royal Tomb is a pleasant place to take a stroll and get a sense of the Joseon Dynasty. Upon entering the grounds after passing the forest, you can see a red gate (the red color denoting holiness) with a taegeuk (yin-yang) symbol. The stone paths leading to the sacrificial building are noteworthy because there are two stone paths—the elevated path is for the dead queen and the lower one is for living people. The memorial rites were performed in the sacrificial building and small sculptures of animals on the roof called japsang were believed to exorcise evil spirits. Other sculptures of sheep, tigers, horses and military officers surround the tomb and act as guardians of the dead queen. Taereung Royal Tomb has become a popular site after the TV show ‘Munjeong Wanghu’ was aired. The best time to visit is in the spring and autumn rather than in the hot summer.
Closed on Mondays
40 mins
Operating Hours
Summer season 09:00-18:30 / Winter season 09:00-17:30
※ Last admission is 1 hour before closing.
Parking Facilities
70 spaces (Free)
Admission Fees
Individual - Adults 1,000 won / Children 500 won
Group - Adults (20 or more) 800 won / Children (10 or more) 400 won
Facilities for the Handicapped
Wheelchair rental service, disabled toilet
1. From exit 1 or 3 of Seokgye station (Seoul Subway Line 1), take bus No. 1155 or 1156 and get off at Taereung Gangneung (10 min interval / 15 min ride).
2. From exit 1 of Hwarangdae station (Seoul Subway Line 6), take bus No. 108 or 1224 and get aff at Taereung Gangneung (5 min interval / 5 min ride).
3. From exit 7 of Taereung station (Seoul Subway Line 6 and 7), take bus No. 1155 or 1156 and get off at Taereung Gangneung (10 min interval / 10 min ride).

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