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Daejeon » Yuseong-gu » Daejeon World Cup Stadium (대전월드컵경기장)


Daejeon World Cup Stadium (대전월드컵경기장)   
Daejeon World Cup St...
Daejeon World Cup St...
  • Daejeon World Cup St...
  • Daejeon World Cup Stadium (대전월드컵경기장)
  • Daejeon World Cup Stadium (대전월드컵경기장)
  • Daejeon World Cup Stadium (대전월드컵경기장)
  • Daejeon World Cup Stadium (대전월드컵경기장)
  • Daejeon World Cup Stadium (대전월드컵경기장)
  • Daejeon World Cup Stadium (대전월드컵경기장)
  • Daejeon World Cup Stadium (대전월드컵경기장)
  • Daejeon World Cup Stadium (대전월드컵경기장)
  • Daejeon World Cup Stadium (대전월드컵경기장)
  • Daejeon World Cup Stadium (대전월드컵경기장)
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On Friday August 15, 2014, a mass is taking place to celebrate the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This event is going to be held at Daejeon World Cup Stadium and will also commemorate National Liberation Day.
32, World Cup-daero, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon (Noeun-dong)
대전광역시 유성구 월드컵대로 32 (노은동)
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-42-610-2900
Homepage (Korean, English)
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Daejeon World Cup Stadium is one of the stadiums where games during the 2002 World Cup Korea/Japan was held. The stadium can accommodate up to 42,000 fans. Korea advanced to the quarterfinals on this field and is still frequented by many when World Cup or Olympic games are broadcasted.
Structure Size
- Site area: 169,769㎡
- Total ground area: 100,689.92㎡
- Building structure: rectangular (205.2m × 168.3m)
1) Main stadium
- Arena: 105m x 68m
- Number of seats: 40,535 (including 274 seats reserved for the handicapped)
- Parking spaces: 1,757 lots (underground level 478, above ground level 1,279)
2) Stadium broadcasting facilities – Field speakers: 8 sets / Stand speakers: 24 sets
3) Electronic scoreboard: 2 (29m × 9.2m)
4) Entrance (ticket inspections): 12 gates (36 inspection stalls)
5) Exits: 55 gates
Rental Fees
* Refer to the homepage.

※ Promotion Hall
Inquiry: +82-42-610-2900
Operating hour: 09:00-18:00 (Mon-Fri), closed on national holidays
Parking fee: Free (use the parking lot at Namgwan)

※ Transportation information provided by the Physical Education Operation Headquarters division of the Daejeon Metropolitan City Facilities Management Corporation
- Tel: +82-42-610-2900
- Fax: +82-42-610-2999
Get off at World Cup Stadium Station (Deajeon Metro Line 1), Exit 7.
The stadium can be seen from the exit.

Get off at Cheonnyangwon Childcare Center Bus Stop when using the following local buses.
*101 (Ansan Final Bus Stop - Daesung Daeseong Girls' Information Science High School)
*109 (College of Agriculture, Chungnam National University - Daepyeong-ri)
*114 (Wonnae-dong Bus Garage - Korea Baptist Theological University)
*116 (Ansan Final Bus Stop - Jugong Apt., Wolpyeong)
*121 (Toplip - Daeduck University)

※ Refer to the official website for more details.

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