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Jeollanam-do » Mokpo-si » Mokpo Gatbawi Rock (목포 갓바위)


Mokpo Gatbawi Rock (목포 갓바위)   
Mokpo Gatbawi Rock (...
Mokpo Gatbawi Rock (...
  • Mokpo Gatbawi Rock (...
  • Mokpo Gatbawi Rock (목포 갓바위)
  • Mokpo Gatbawi Rock (목포 갓바위)
  • Mokpo Gatbawi Rock (목포 갓바위)
  • Mokpo Gatbawi Rock (목포 갓바위)
  • Mokpo Gatbawi Rock (목포 갓바위)
  • Mokpo Gatbawi Rock (목포 갓바위)
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Yonghae-dong, Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do
전남 목포시 용해동
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Located on the coast of Yonghae-dong in Mokpo, Gatbawi is a natural sandstone and tafoni formation near the mouth of the Yeongsangang River, where freshwater runs into the sea. Gatbawi is named after its shape, which is said to look like a man wearing a traditional Korean hat called a “gat” (“bawi” meaning “rock”). The rock is actually made of two individual formations: one measuring 8m high and one 6m high. Valued not only for its aesthetics, Gatbawi Rock is of high geological value as a “natural sculpture” that was formed as a result of years of weathering. The rock formation was officially recognized as Natural Monument No. 500 on April 27, 2009.
From Mokpo Intercity Bus Terminal, take a taxi to Mokpo Gatbawi Rock. (10min)

From Mokpo City, take Bus 7 or 15 to Mokpo Gatbawi Rock (목포 갓바위).  

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