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Jeollabuk-do » Gunsan-si » Sinsido Island Fishing Experience Village (신시도 어촌체험마을)


Sinsido Island Fishing Experience Village (신시도 어촌체험마을)   
Sinsido Island Fishi...
Sinsido Island Fishi...
  • Sinsido Island Fishi...
  • Sinsido Island Fishing Experience Village (신시도 어촌체험마을)
  • Sinsido Island Fishing Experience Village (신시도 어촌체험마을)
  • Sinsido Island Fishing Experience Village (신시도 어촌체험마을)
  • Sinsido Island Fishing Experience Village (신시도 어촌체험마을)
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83-7, Sinsido-gil, Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do
전라북도 군산시 옥도면 신시도길 83-7 (옥도면)
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: Gunsan-si Tourism
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Sinsido Island is the largest of the 24 islands in the Gogunsan Island Cluster 50 kilometers to the southwest of Gunsan. The cluster of islands (Sinsido, Seonyudo, Jangjado, Munyeodo, etc.) makes for such a breathtaking scene that it is affectionately known as the ‘Star Above the Lake.’ Sinsido, one of the most beautiful islands in the cluster, is located at the center of the Saemangeum Sea Wall connecting Gunsan and Buan. The sea wall itself is also a point of interest as it is the longest of its kind worldwide.

To make the island of Sinsido even more tourist-friendly, the island government has systematically begun opening and supporting island “minbaks” (lodging facilities at private residences). While staying at one of these minbaks, guests can explore the island, visit the island’s mid-sized beach or go fishing. Although it’s possible to fish right off the rocks on the shores, travelers are encouraged to a rent a fishing boat in order to see more of the beautiful island scenery.
Current Status
Sinsido Island Fishing Experience Village
Opening date
January 1, 2013
Closed on Seollal (Lunar New Year’s Day) and Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day) Holidays
Hiking Course
[Trail Course (9.2km / 4 hours)]
* Sinsibaesugwanmun – Imdo – Iron stairs (3 steps) – Wolyeongjae – Wolyeongbong – Mini (small) Mongdol Beach – Daegaksan – Wolyeongjae – Parking lot
* Sinsido plaza – Wolyeongjae – Wolyeongbong – Mini (small) Mongdol Beach – Daegaksan – Angol Reservoir – Breakwall – Wolyeongjae – Parking Lot
Tour Course Information
* Departure from Gunsan – Saemangeum Seawall – Sinsido Fishing Village Experience Information Center – Fishing Village Experience – Tour to Gogunsan – Fishing
Activity Information
* Mud Flat: Duration: 1 hour / Participation fee: 5,000 won (tidal time differs everyday)
* Gaemaki experience: Duration: 1 hour ~ 1 hour 30 minutes / Participation fee: 10,000 won for adults / 5,000 won for students up to elementary school (Schedule is subject to change depending tide time)
* Fishing: One-day / Lunch offered / 2 hours for fishing on a ship / 70,000 won per person (standard: 10 people)
* Fishing: One-day two-nights / Three meals per day provided / Accommodations included / 2 hours for fishing on a ship / Seonyudo Island tour / 100,000 won per person (Standard: 10 people)
* Experience is subject to change depending on local conditions so please refer to the homepage or make a phone-call before visiting.
Operating Hours
Mud Flat Experience (January-December)
Gaemaki Experience (May-October)
Fishing Experience (April-November)
Maximum Occupancy
1,000 people
Parking Facilities
Small-sized Cars: 30
Large-sized Cars: 10
Admission Fees
Free (*Separate program activity fees required)
Available Facilities
Group Accommodations: 1 site / 4 guest rooms / 30 people
Individual Accommodations: 16 sites / 200 guest rooms / 700 people
Common Restaurant: 1 site / 50 people
Convenient Facilities: Palgakjeong Pavilion, observatory, walking path, trail (Daegaksan Mountain), etc.
Sanitation Facilities: Restroom, shower room, etc.
Facility Utilization Fees
Accommodation (Additional charge for cooking is required)
Room for 4-5 people: Weekdays & Off Season: 50,000 won / Weekends & Peak Season: 70,000 won
Room for 8 people: Weekdays & Off Season: 100,000 won / Weekends & Peak Season: 130,000 won
Room for 10 people: Weekdays & Off Season: 130,000 won / Weekends & Peak Season: 150,000 won

Pension (Cooking available)
Rooms (17-pyeong): Weekdays & Off Season: 120,000 won / Weekends & Peak Season: 170,000 won
Rooms (20-pyeong): Weekdays & Off Season: 160,000 won / Weekends & Peak Season: 220,000 won
Parking Fees
Korean Info. Service
Make an inquiry to Sinsido Island Fishing Experience Information Center
From Gunsan Intercity/Express Bus Terminal, take Bus 72.
Get off at Kunsan National University (군산대) and transfer to Bus 99 to Sinsido.

Bus Info.
Bus 72: 1 hour intervals
Bus 99 (from Kunsan National University): 05:46-20:46, 1 hour intervals
Accommodation : no data found

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