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Gyeongsangbuk-do » Gyeongju-si » Seochulji Pond in Gyeongju (Lotus Flower), (경주 서출지)


Seochulji Pond in Gyeongju (Lotus Flower), (경주 서출지)   
Seochulji Pond in Gy...
Seochulji Pond in Gy...
  • Seochulji Pond in Gy...
  • Seochulji Pond in Gyeongju (Lotus Flower), (경주 서출지)
  • Seochulji Pond in Gyeongju (Lotus Flower), (경주 서출지)
  • Seochulji Pond in Gyeongju (Lotus Flower), (경주 서출지)
  • Seochulji Pond in Gyeongju (Lotus Flower), (경주 서출지)
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17, Namsan 1-gil, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
경상북도 경주시 남산1길 17 (남산동)
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Located at the foot of Namsan Mountain in Gyeongju, Seochulji Pond dates back to the Three Kingdoms Period. There are two, three-storied stone pagodas in the heart of Namsan Village and a small, elegant pond to the east. The pond is famous thanks to a Korean legend, written below:

In the 10th year of King Soji (488) of Silla, a crow and a mouse approached the king as he was on his way to Namsan Mountain. The mouse told the King to “follow after the crow” for an easy journey. So, the King and his servant (who was traveling with him) followed the crow, but became distracted and lost their way. As they were wandering about a pond (now known as Seochulji), an old man appeared from the waters’ depths and presented an envelope to the King. Based on the message in the envelope, the King instructed his servant to fire an arrow at the Geomungo (Korean musical instrument) case nearby. The shot killed the queen and a monk who had been hiding there, both of whom had been hatching a plot against the King.

The name of the pond, “Seochulji” (literally meaning “writing from the pond”) originates from this legend. It is said that a man named Imjeok built a building by the pond in the 5th year of King Hyeonjong (1664) to enjoy the scenery. The simple, yet elegant building still remains at the northwest of the pond.
Current Status
Historic Site No. 138
Gyeongju Express Terminal
Take Bus 11 and get off at Tongiljeon (통일전)

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