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Busan » Suyeong-gu » Geumnyeonsan Mountain (금련산)


Geumnyeonsan Mountain (금련산)   
Geumnyeonsan Mountai...
Geumnyeonsan Mountai...
  • Geumnyeonsan Mountai...
  • Geumnyeonsan Mountain (금련산)
  • Geumnyeonsan Mountain (금련산)
  • Geumnyeonsan Mountain (금련산)
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부산 수영구 광안동 산59번지
부산 수영구 광안동 산59번지 일원
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There are two stories about how Busan's 415m high Geumnyeonsan Mountain got its name. One suggests that the mountain resembled lotus flowers and the other argues that Buddhists served Buddha with golden flowers. Although the mountain used to be home to two temples, Banyaam and Banyamilda, there are only traces of those sites left. Renowned for majestic tolling of temple bells, the mountain belongs to one of eight scenic sights in Suyeong and offers a training facility for children, mineral spring spots, and hiking trails.
1. 30min walk from Suyeong-gu Office towards Geumnyeon Youth Training Center

2. [Bus]
-Take the city bus #40, #139, #1003 from Suyeong-gu Office (buses run every 5 - 10 min).
Get off at Geumnyeon Youth Training Center
-Take the city bus #20, #51, #131 towards Yeonsan-dong (buses run every 5 - 10 min.
Get off at Mangmi-dong. 20min walk from the bus stop

3. Geumnyeonsan Mountain Station, Busan Subway line 2, Exit #6.
20min walk from the station

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