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Gwangju is the birthplace of a modern democratic movement in Korea. The history of civil resistance is well portrayed and preserved at the Square of Democracy, established in commemoration of the May 18 Democratic Uprising, and the National Cemetery. Today, Gwangju hosts the annual World Kimchi Culture Festival and Biennales. Other top tourist sites include the Mudeungsan Provincial Park and Chungjangno, known as “the street of youth.”

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Recommended Destinations
Gwangju Art Street
May 18 Cemetery

List of all tourist destinations by popularity
Theme Destination Region
Exhibition & Memorial Halls Asian Culture Complex (국립아시아문화전당) Dong-gu Gwangju
Museums Gwangju Folk Museum (광주시립민속박물관) Dong-gu Gwangju
Exhibition & Memorial Halls Yeongsangang River Culture Pavilion (영산강문화관) Nam-gu Gwangju
Rivers & Lakes Gwangjuho Lake (광주호) Buk-gu Gwangju
Walking 5·18 Memorial Park (5·18 기념공원) Seo-gu Gwangju
Walking Sajik Park (Gwangju) (사직공원 - 광주) Nam-gu Gwangju
Amusement Parks Gwangju Family Land (광주 패밀리랜드) Buk-gu Gwangju
Rivers & Lakes Pungam Reservoir (풍암저수지) Seo-gu Gwangju
Ecological Tourist Sites Jeonpyeongje Reservoir (전평제) Seo-gu Gwangju
Islands Jusangjeolli Cliff of Mudeungsan Mountain (무등산 주상절리대) Dong-gu Gwangju

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