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Sewoon Plaza (세운전자상가(세운전자플라자))

  • Sewoon Plaza (세운전자상가(세운전자플라자))
  • Sewoon Plaza (세운전자상가(세운전자플라자))
  • Sewoon Plaza (세운전자상가(세운전자플라자))
  • Sewoon Plaza (세운전자상가(세운전자플라자))
  • Sewoon Plaza (세운전자상가(세운전자플라자))
  • Sewoon Plaza (세운전자상가(세운전자플라자))
  • Address 159, Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
    서울특별시 종로구 청계천로 159
  • Type / Products Shops/Malls / Home appliance, computer
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    • For more info: +82-2-2271-2344
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    Sewoon Plaza, also known as Sewoon Electronics Plaza, was famous for electronic goods as the sole electronics shop before Yongsan Electronics Department Store was built. The scale doesn’t meet that of Yongsan Mall but its location in the heart of downtown Seoul as well as their 10 years of fame have worked to keep a strong customer base.

    The department store is divided into two buildings along Cheonggyecheon-ro. Most of the electornics are available on the first building. On the first floor, home and lifestyle electronic goods including irons, hair dryers, telephones, razors as well as gas stoves, various heaters, kitchen tools and more are sold. On the second floor, visitors can find televisions, fridges, laundry machines, audio & video devices. On the third floor, newlyweds can buy their electronic goods and appliances for the kitchen. Also, computers and related devices and parts are available on the fourth floor. The price range here is relatively cheaper than the regular consumer price.

    Operating Hours

    Sundays & Public holidays (varies by shop)

    Customers must receive a product warranty voucher when purchasing electronic devices in Sewoon Plaza. With the warranty voucher, damaged products purchased from the department are eligible for repair by the manufactoring company. Also, the day of manufacture must be checked (printed outside of the box). With this, customers must keep purchasing receipt, store’s telephone number, and name card alike.

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