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Korea Pass print

Korea Pass is an all-in-one travel card that can be used to pay for accommodations, tourist attraction entrance fees, and shopping purchases. You can also activate the transportation function of the Korea Pass by charging it outside the subway or at any number of convenient locations throughout the country. The card can be used anywhere that credit cards are accepted and will even get you extra discounts when used at any of the 6,000 Korea Pass affiliated sites. Korea Pass is an incredibly convenient travel and transportation option for visitors to Korea.

There are two basic types of Korea Passes: pre-paid cards (available in 50,000, 100,000, 300,000, and 500,000 won increments) and check cards (for international residents with a valid ‘Alien Registration Number’ only). Cards may be obtained at any Lotte Card issuer including any Lotte Department Store nationwide (keep reading for details).

1. Main Services

○ Transportation
Transportation fees may NOT be automatically deducted from the prepaid amount. To activate the transportation option of your Korea Pass card, you must first add the desired amount to your card using one of the recharging stations listed below.
- Service Areas: Available for use on buses, taxis, and subways throughout Korea (excluding Daejeon, Gyeongsangbuk-go, and Daegu)
- Recharging Stations: 7-Eleven convenience stores, subway stations (throughout Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, Incheon), and street kiosks
* Street kiosks in Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, and Incheon that display the “Cashbee” logo
* Street kiosks and convenience stores in Busan that display the “Mybi” logo

○ Discount benefits at affiliated sites
Special discounts are offered at more than 6,000 affiliates throughout the nation, including tourist attractions, amusement parks, restaurants, accommodations, shopping areas, performing arts theaters, and more.

korea pass table
Category Major Affiliates Benefits

Sightseeing & Entertainment

N Seoul Tower, National Museum of Korea, 63 City, Lotte World, Lotte Cinema (65 branches), Korea House, Nanta, Drawing Show: HERO, Traditional Performing Arts Theater: PAN, Sachoom, etc.

5~30% off


Lotte Duty Free (9 branches), Lotte Mart (90 branches), 7-Eleven (4,000 branches), Lotte Super, Lotte Department Store, etc.

5~10% off


Lotte Hotel (5 branches)

10~30% off

Currency Exchange

Hana Bank

Special 30~50% rate

Food & Beverages

TGIF, Lotteria, Korea House, etc.

10~30% off

Beauty & Health

Zen Hair Salon, Bella Skin Care, etc.

10% off

* Affiliates and discount rates are subject to change.

☞ Detailed Info on Discount Benefits

2. How to Purchase

○ Purchase Sites
- Incheon International Airport, 7-Eleven convenience stores throughout Seoul and Busan (160 in all, most of which are located near major tourist attractions)
- Lotte Marts throughout Seoul and Busan
(11 branches in Seoul and every branch in center city Busan)
- Korea Tourism Organization Headquarters B1
(Souvenirs Corner Shop located in the Tourist Information Center – TIC)
- Gimhae International Airport
- Busan International Ferry Terminal
- KTX Busan Station

→ Detailed Info on Purchase Sites


3. Korea Pass Balance Refund

○ Pre-paid Card Refund

■ If less than 20% of the card’s original prepaid balance remains:
- Refund location: Tax Free Korea booths and 7-Eleven Korea Pass vendors
- Service Charge: None

■ If more than 20% of the card’s original prepaid balance remains:
- Refund Location: Tax Free Korea booths
- Service Charge: 5% of the remaining balance

○ Transportation Card Refund

■ Korea Pass card
- Refund location: Tax Free Korea booths and 7-Eleven Korea Pass vendors
- Service charge: 500won service charge deducted from the remaining transportation card balance

■ Korea Pass Busan card
- Refund location: Mybi-affiliated convenience stores in Busan
(7-Eleven, GS25, Family Mart) and Tax Free Korea booths
- Service charge: 200won service charged deducted for every remaining 10,000won on the transportation card balance

* Tax Free Korea booth locations
Seoul: Dongdaemun DOOTA (5F), President Hotel (Room #907)
Busan: Gimhae International Airport (2F)

→ Click to check the remaining balance on your Korea Pass Card

→ Detailed Info on Korea Pass Balance Refunds

More info
Inquiries: 1330 tt call center (Tel. 02-1330)

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