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Gim(laver dried seaweed) print

What is Gim?
Gim is seaweed dried in very thin, paper like layers. It is usually eaten with rice or by itself. Dried seaweed is full of calcium, vitamins and carotenes. The most popular way to prepare dried seaweed is to paint it with a thin layer of sesame oil, then add a sprinkling of salt before roasting it. It can also be eaten roasted without the oil and salt, with soy sauce instead.

What kind do you buy?
Keep in mind the sort of seasoning and size of the seaweed when purchasing it. If you'd like to enjoy the wholesome taste of the dried seaweed alone or want to do the seasoning yourself, buy the plain sort. If you already know what sort of dried seaweed you like, pick the ready made kind that comes already seasoned and roasted. The dried seaweed comes in convenient, precut sizes for eating with rice, or in whole sheets that are about the size of a sheet of paper.
Where are the best places to buy?
Dried seaweed can be purchased at department stores, major discount marts, supermarkets, Namdaemun Market, convenience stores, and more. At department stores and major discount marts, you will probably be able to sample the seaweed before buying.

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