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Kimchi print

What is Kimchi?

Kimchi is a fermented dish made from vegetables (mainly cabbage) soaked in saltwater then seasoned with red pepper flakes and other seasonings. Characterized by its spiciness, kimchi is perhaps the most common side dish in Korea- there are over 100 varieties of kimchi. Full of vitamins, lactic ferments, and other beneficial properties, kimchi was touted in 2003 as a way to beat the SARS virus that hit Asia, increasing its popularity both in and outside of Korea. Red pepper flakes aren't included. But keep in mind that kimchi must be refrigerated- when buying kimchi to take home, make sure to buy it on the last day of your trip, and check the expiration date.

What kind do you buy?
The number of types of kimchi on the common market probably ranges from about 6 to 7- the traditional cabbage kimchi, young radish kimchi, green onion kimchi, cubed radish kimchi, cucumber kimchi, and white kimchi being the main ones. Consumers can decide which kimchi to purchase based on their preferences, and they come in a wide range of sizes- 100g, 200g, 1kg, 3kg, 5kg packages are available. If the spiciness of kimchi is a problem, the white kimchi is recommended.

Where are the best places to buy?
Kimchi can be purchased at department stores, major discount marts, supermarkets, convenience stores, and at Namdaemun Market. Department stores and major discount marts will probably let you try the kimchi before purchasing, which is great if you're picky about your kimchi. Also worth visiting are the kimchi museums or kimchi festivals- the Kimchi Museum not only relays the history and culture of kimchi, but makes kimchi available for tasting and purchase as well.

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