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Pottery print

What is pottery?

Pottery is a product shaped from clay, then fired at high temperatures. Main categories of pottery include 'cheongja,' 'baekja,' 'buncheongsagi,' and 'onggi.' In 1999, Queen Elizabeth of England visited Insadong and fell in love with the beauty of Korean pottery.

What kind do you buy?

The quality of pottery is rated by three important characteristics. Color, sound, and texture. Color signifies the outer color of the pottery, sound signifies the tone that the pottery produces when flicked with a finger, and the texture points to the smoothness of the pottery. In most cases, clear colors, clear ringing tones, and a smooth texture denote a high quality piece. In addition to these criteria, consider the purpose of the pottery being purchased. If it is for display purposes, consider the artist, year, and method of creation. For use in everyday life, see if the glaze has been applied carefully, if the structure is strong, if there are defects, and if the price is reasonable.

Where are the best places to buy?
Pottery can be purchased at pottery villages, Insadong, the Hwanghakdong Flea Market, or at pottery festivals. Of pottery villages, the Icheon Pottery Village and Yeoju Pottery Village are the most famous. There, the pottery making process can be explored in depth as well as purchases made. The traditional culture street of Insadong offers everything from economical tea sets to Joseon 'baekja,' which carries a high artistic value. If you prefer to wait for a pottery festival, the Icheon Pottery Biennale, Yeoju Pottery Expo, and Gangjin Cheongja Culture Festival are all great options for buying and learning more about Korean pottery.

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