Trick Eye Museum "12,000-won Admission Voucher”

Since it opened in December 2012, the Trick Eye Museum has attracted over 300,000 people annually.

It offers a chance for visitors to become part of the arts. They can surprise Edvard Munch, enjoy the beautiful scenery of Paris while sitting at Vincent Van Gogh’s famous Cafe Terrace at Night, turn into a Joseon era king or take photos of themselves being bombarded with money. As soon as visitors enter the exhibition hall, they enter into a world where the senses are tricked and delighted by art at the same time

Exhibition Overview

How to use the voucher

Print out the voucher and present it at the front counter. You will be able to enter the museum for 10,000 won regardless of your age. One coupon is valid for up to 4 people.

The Trick Eye Museum is offering a fantastic experience in the Hongdae area

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