Condition to participate

Participation in the event is limited to residents of the countries under the coverage of KTO’s Asia and Oceania offices. The countries include: Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Israel, Kazakhstan


Winners must be able to visit Korea within the period from July 2011 to October 2011, and be able to obtain a Korean visa, if necessary. After their trip, the winners will submit 10 photos and a single-page travel review (A4, 12pt. font) to the KTO.

Event Period

All winners will be announced on the official KTO website, and the 1st place winners will also be contacted by KTO individually.

Event Prizes

  • 1st place (7 winners): 2 roundtrip airline tickets to Korea + voucher for 3 nights' hotel stay (4-star hotel, double occupancy)
    • - Each winner will choose one city that he/she wishes to visit. KTO will then select a hotel in the chosen city, and present a voucher for 3 nights’ stay at the hotel. The destination may change if rooms are not available at the hotel in the chosen city.
    • - KTO will pay for the roundtrip airline tickets to Korea. Any other transportation costs (i.e. transportation to and from airports, domestic flight to cities outside Seoul) will not be covered by KTO.
  • 2nd place (140 winners): 4GB mother-of-pearl lacquerware USB flash drive

How to participate

Sign up on the official site of Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), Please make sure your personal and contact information is up-to-date and accurate. Login to the website, fill out your entry in English, and submit it online.

To LOGIN ,click here! Terms of Condition

Three Places in Korea You Wish to Visit

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2nd Choice:
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3rd Choice:
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* Thank you for the participation! Don’t forget to check the terms of condition.