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Mobile Phones

In Korea, there are three mobile telecommunications service providers: KT, SKT, and LG U+. These providers operate authorized service centers and phone retail stores called 공식 인증 대리점 (gongsik injeung daerijeom), where you can subscribe to a phone service and purchase a mobile phone. An authorized store should carry the logo of its parent company (and not others), as well as a sign that says “공식 인증 대리점.”
Mobile phone subscriptions require proper identification and proof of residency. Usually, a valid passport and an alien registration card suffice as documents for review by the service providers. The Status of Stay, shown on every alien registration card, determines the eligibility for subscription to either pre- or post-payment plan. Some foreigners may not be eligible to subscribe to the post-payment plan. If you subscribe to a pre-payment plan, you must either have your own mobile phone or purchase a new one.

What is Prepaid Phone Service (PPS)?

PPS is a pre-payment plan that does not charge a subscription fee or basic rate. Users purchase credits in advance to pay for mobile phone services. Credits come in a prepaid phone card (available in amounts of 10,000 won, 30,000 won, and 50,000 won), which is issued by a service provider after screening the customers. Users must purchase a new card once the old card has been maxed out or expired. All mobile phone service providers offer voice services and SMS to PPS users; KT offers additional services of MMS and data usage.

Telecommunications Company Service Centers & Retail Stores


KT operates three service centers throughout Seoul and a customer call center exclusively for foreigners. The most representative KT center, located in Gwanghwamun, provides mobile phone subscription manuals in foreign languages. Moreover, in partnership with the volunteer translation service organization, BBB Korea, the Gwanghwamun service center offers consultation in 17 different languages.

KT Service Centers for Foreigners
Service Centers Features Contact Info & Locations
Gwanghwamun Olleh Square • Mobile phone subscription manuals
• Consultation in 17 different languages (in partnership with BBB Korea)
• Phone: +82-2-733-0285
• Directions: Gwanghwamun Station (Subway Line 5), Exit 2 → Olleh Square (1F, Service Lounge)
• Homepage:
SHOW Gyeonghuidae (Kyunghee University) Branch • Consultation in English
• Second-hand mobile phones (for PPS users)
• Phone: +82-2-967-8006
• Directions: Heogi Station (Subway Line 1), Exit 2 → Take Bus 01 to 경희의료원 (Kyunghee Euiryowon; Kyunghee Unviersity Medical Center)
Jongno Plaza Itaewon Branch • Consultation in English
• Second-hand mobile phones (for PPS users)
• Phone: +82-2-793-9010,
• Directions: Itaewon Station (Subway Line 6), Exit 3 → Olleh Store Itaewon Branch is located 500m from the station

* KT Customer Call Center for Foreigners:
+82-2-2190-1180 (English, Japanese, Chinese)

SK Telecom

SSK Telecom operates several authorized stores with signs that say ‘T World’ or ‘SK 텔레콤 (Telecom)’ as well as a customer call center exclusively for foreigners. Please call the customer center beforehand in order to find out which stores provide interpretation services, since not all of them do. Furthermore, PPS users may be required to purchase a new phone.

* SKT Customer Call Center for Foreigners:
+82-80-2525-011 (English, Japanese, Chinese)

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