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Hansik: Exploring Korea’s True Flavor

In Korea, there is no end to what people can see and experience, but trying Korean food is on the top of most to-do lists that visitors cannot wait to cross off! The Korea Tourism Organization has chosen the following 14 best dishes that are rated “must-eat” items by locals as well as international visitors. So let’s explore these fourteen bests that are sure to impress you with Korea’s true flavor!

Samgye-tang: Rejuvenate yourself during the sweltering summer

Samgye-tang is made by simmering a whole young chicken stuffed with ginseng, hedysarum root, jujubes, and sweet rice. Considered an energy-boosting dish best eaten on hot days, it is a classic Korean dish that has become popular among international diners as well.
Many restaurants even add samgye-tang to their menu during the summer, an example of its popularity. Samgye-tang is well known to foreign visitors as well. Japanese author Murakami Ryu and Chinese film director Zhang Yimou have both given extensive praise to the dish.
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Recommended Restaurants
Baengnyeon Samgyetang: +82-2-747-5535 (Korean)
Tosokchon: +82-2-737-7444 (Korean)
Hwanghu Myeongga: +82-2-739-0145/+82-2-722-0012 (Korean)
Courtesy of Korean Food Foundation
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