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Hansik: Exploring Korea’s True Flavor

In Korea, there is no end to what people can see and experience, but trying Korean food is on the top of most to-do lists that visitors cannot wait to cross off! The Korea Tourism Organization has chosen the following 14 best dishes that are rated “must-eat” items by locals as well as international visitors. So let’s explore these fourteen bests that are sure to impress you with Korea’s true flavor!

Bibimbap: Rice with nutrient-packed flavor

Bibimbap, or cooked rice mixed with vegetables, sautéed beef, and twigak (dried seaweed or vegetables fried in oil) is one of the definitive Korean dishes in the eyes of Koreans and also globally.
There are three common beliefs about the origin of bibimbap. One theory is that it stemmed from the practice of mixing bap (cooked rice) with other dishes used for the ancestral rite of eumbok. Others say that bibimbap originated from mixing leftovers together as a midnight snack on Lunar New Year’s Eve. The last theory is that farmers out working the fields would each bring a portion of food to be mixed together for meals and divided out evenly.
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Recommended Restaurants
Gogung - Insadong Branch: +82-2-736-3211 (Korean)
Samcheonggak (Lounge Dawon): +82-2-765-3700 (Korean)
Slobbie: +82-2-3143-5525 (Korean)
Courtesy of Korean Food Foundation
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