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Table settings for Korean Food print

table settings for korean foodtraditional table setting
  • In the traditional Korean table setting, all dishes are served on one table at the same time as an open space pattern. The basis of the table setting is for one person. Table settings are classified as bap-sang (regular dining table) with cooked rice as the main dish, juk-sang (porridge table), myeon-sang (noodle table), juan-sang (liquor table), dagwa-sang (refreshment table), and gyoja-sang (large dining table).
  • 1) Dining table setting

    The ordinary dining table setting features cooked rice as the main dish. Banchan (side dishes) are arranged according to the recipes, ingredients, colors and temperature of the food with emphasis on balance. There are 3, 5, 7, 9, and 12-dish table settings according to the number of side dishes.
  • Dining table setting poto 3,5,7,9course table setting
  • 2) Porridge table setting

    This table setting features porridge as the main dish. Non-salty and mild side dishes such as nabak-kimchi (radish water Kimchi), bugeo-bopuragi (seasoned dried pollack flakes) and jeotguk-jjigae (salt-fermented seafood stew) are good accompaniments to the porridge.
  • 3) Noodle table setting

    In the noodle table setting, noodles, tteokguk, or dumplings are the main dish. This table setting is good for a lunch or a quick and simple meal.
  • 4) Liquor table setting

    The liquor table setting entertains guests with liquor. Some side dishes served with the liquor include dried meat or fish slices, jeon, pyeonyuk, jjim, jeongol, saengchae, Kimchi, fruit, rice cakes and/or Korean cookies.
  • 5) Refreshment table setting

    The refreshment table setting is for enjoying non-alcoholic beverages. Gaksaekpyeon, yumilgwa, yugwa, dasik, suksilgwa, saengsilgwa, hwachae and/or cha (tea) may be served.
  • 6) Large dining table setting

    This table setting serves food to many people at a large table at the same time on holidays or for ceremonies.
  • Large dining table setting poto, noodle table setting, refre shment table setting

    *Source: The beauty of Korean Food: With 100 Best-loved recipes by Institute of Traditional Korean Food 

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