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Lee Jung-hyun (이정현)

Lee Jung-hyun (이정현)
- Date of Birth
- Height/Weight
Height: 158cm, Weight: 38kg
- Academic
Department of Theatre and Film Studies, Chungang Univ.
- Bloodtype
- Religion
- Hobbies
Wake board, snow board, scuba diving, collecting the Barbie doll and playing the piano
- Nickname
- Marriage
- Website
- Filmography
* TV Dramas
Kongzi (China, 2010)
RONDO (Japan, 2006)
Beautiful Heart (China, 2003)
Beautiful Days 아름다운 날들 (2001)

* Films
Harpy (2000)
A Petal 꽃잎 (1996)

* Albums
Mini album - Avaholic (2009)
Love Me (China, 2008)
6th-Fantastic Girl (2006)
5th-Passion (2004)
4th-I Love Natural (2002)
3rd-Magic To Go My Star (2001)
2nd-You 너 (2000)
1st-Let's Go My Star (1999)
- Awards
2005 Acting Prize of Republic Korea : Hallyu All Star
2002 SBS Music Park: Grand Award
1999 KMTV Best Newcomer
1999 Mnet Best New Artist & Dance singer
1999 SBS Best Newcomer
1999 Seoul Music Award : Best Newcomer

1996 Best New Actress, Korea Film Critics’ Awards
1996 Best New Actress, Blue Dragon Film Awards
1996 Best Actress, Daejong(Grand Bell) Film Festival
Lee Jung-hyun (이정현) Lee Jung-hyun (이정현) Lee Jung-hyun (이정현) Lee Jung-hyun (이정현) Lee Jung-hyun (이정현) Lee Jung-hyun (이정현)

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