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 - Il Mare
- Genre Romance
- Director Lee Hyeon-Seung
- Cast Lee Jeong-Jae, Jeon Ji-Hyeon
- Certification 12 years and over
- Production Date 2000
- Runtime 94 minutes
- Trailer/Homepage

It is 1998, and Seong-Hyeon (Lee Jeong-Jae) receives a letter when he moves into his new seaside home. The letter is from Eun-Joo (Jeon Ji-Hyeon) in the year 2000. Seong-Hyeon becomes confused at first, after he receives the letter from the future, but as the letters begin to foretell events in his future, his interest for Eun-joo grows. They eventually fall in love as they send letters back and forth to each other.
View Point

The setting for the movie was shot on Kanghwa Island's Sukmodo, and Jeju Island's Oodo. The location painted a beautiful picture for the movie. Lee Jeong-Jae and Jeon Ji-Hyeon's casting created a great sense youthfulness to the movie.
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