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[Video Reaction] Psy Gives Korean Drinking 101 in ‘Hangover’ with Snoop Dogg

cj enews worldGrace Danbi Hong / 2014-06-09 11:22

With a lot of buzz surrounding it, especially with Snoop Dogg, Big Bang′s G-Dragon, and 2NE1′s CL making a cameo appearance in it, Psy finally unveiled his new music video for Hangover.

Since the title was Hangover, we knew it would be about the drinking culture in Korea, but we didn′t know how accurate Psy would make it for the screen.

We can tell you, it′s pretty close.

E: Drunk Psy G: What else is new E: It′s this an ode to Ken Jeong?

E: SNOOP G: hahahah E: SNOOOOOOP G: In a bathtub

E: Ew G: ewww E: cartoon vomit G: at least it′s in a toilet...and not on the street

E: cannot find a single piece of .. me? G: its weird to see Psy rapping in English

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