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MBLAQ commands the stage with powerful, seductive dance moves, and an addictive yet slightly mysterious charm. A little more rough (in a good way!) than many of their idol counterparts, the group gives off a cool and almost aloof air that is entirely bewitching. MBLAQ is also known by the nickname ‘Chicdol’ (chic + idol) for their magnetic stage manners, sense of fashion, and well-balanced music. MBLAQ is gaining broad recognition for their potential. In 2011, during the first week of their debut in Japan, the group was ranked first on the ‘Oricon Daily Charts’ for three consecutive days and second on the ‘Oricon Weekly Charts.’ The group also reached the second position on the online clip charts of the German music website Viva.

Group Introduction

MBLAQ, an acronym for ‘Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality,’ reflects the members’ strong musical talents and focus on quality. The five members of MBLAQ are Lee Joon, Cheondoong, G.O, Mir, and Seung Ho. The group released its first single album ‘Just BLAQ’ in 2009, and has continued to produce hit songs including ‘Oh, Yeah,’ ‘Y,’ ‘Stay,’ ‘Again,’ and ‘Mona Lisa.’

- First Album Release: Single Album ‘JUST BLAQ’ (2009)
- MBLAQ Official Website: (Korean, English)

Member Profiles

* Name: Lee Joon (이준)
* Nationality: Korean
* Position: Vocals

Lee Joon is the heart of MBLAQ’s alluring dance performances. From the moment he steps on stage, he captivates the audience with his sexy moves and passionate gaze. Prior to making his debut as a singer, he appeared in the Hollywood movie ‘Ninja Assassin’ (2009). He also played the lead role in the KBS drama ‘Jung Fish 2’ (2010) and was the voice of one of the main characters in the animated film ‘Gnomeo & Juliet’ (2011). Recently, Lee Joon has been appearing on a number of variety shows and has been receiving recognition for his many talents as a singer, actor, and entertainer.

* Date of Birth: February 7, 1988
* Blood Type: A
* Height: 180cm
* Weight: 69kg
* Hobbies: Sports/exercise
* Special Talents: Modern dance, ballet, acting


* Name: Cheondoong (천둥; lit. Thunder)
* Nationality: Korean
* Position: Vocals, rapper

Cheondoong leads MBLAQ’s striking choreography with his long arms and legs, and heightens the intensity of the group’s music with his skillful rapping in English. He grew up in the Philippines and is the younger brother of Sandara Park, a member of the group 2NE1. He is nicknamed the ‘Philippine Prince’ due to his exotic looks and pure heart. In 2010, he was the host of Arirang TV’s music program ‘The M Wave.’

* Date of Birth: October 7, 1990
* Blood Type: A
* Height: 181cm
* Weight: 65kg
* Hobbies: Listening to music, writing music and lyrics
* Special Talents: Dancing, singing, writing music and lyrics


* Name: Seung Ho (승호)
* Nationality: Korean
* Position: Group leader, vocals

MBLAQ’s leader, Seung Ho is loved by fans for his tall build and clean-cut looks. Since his first public appearance, he has pulled off a wide range of hairstyles and fashions, proving that he looks great in anything! His powerful charisma onstage softens into an easygoing smile and friendly charm when he appears on variety shows. He is also on the cutting edge of new technology and one of his hobbies is collecting the latest electronic gadgets.

* Date of Birth: October 16, 1987
* Blood Type: A
* Height: 176cm
* Weight: 63kg
* Hobbies: Listening to music, collecting electronic devices
* Special Talents: Gymnastics, piano, card tricks


* Name: G.O (지오)
* Nationality: Korean
* Position: Main vocals

MBLAQ’s wide range of songs (from electronic to funky disco, R&B, and ballads) is brought to perfection under the strong vocals of G.O. His unforgettably captivating voice drew great attention when he appeared on the KBS variety show ‘Immortal Song 2’ (2011). Also in 2011, G.O. composed the track ‘Can’t Come Back’ for the group’s repackaged album titled ‘BLAQ Style 3D Edition,’ and even released his first digital single ‘Even in my Dreams,’ which he wrote and composed himself.

* Date of Birth: November 6, 1987
* Blood Type: A
* Height: 177cm
* Weight: 65kg
* Hobbies: Cooking
* Special Talents: Singing, dancing


* Name: Mir (미르)
* Nationality: Korean
* Position: Rapper

Mir is the youngest member of MBLAQ and is the group’s rapper along with Cheondoong. He has the sweet smile of a hero in a romantic comedy and stands out among the members for his great sense of fashion. He shows exceptional talent in being able to adapt quickly to the group’s experimentation with different music genres and is steadily developing his own style of music.

* Date of Birth: March 10, 1991
* Blood Type: A
* Height: 178cm
* Weight: 63kg
* Hobbies: Collecting overseas soundtracks, writing raps
* Special Talents: Rapping, dancing

MBLAQ’s Official Fan Club

1) A+
A+ is MBLAQ’s official fan club. The fans chose this name based on the fact that all five members have the blood type A. Of course, the name also reflects fans’ undying support of MBLAQ and the idol group’s A+ quality.

2) Official Fan Club Website: (Korean)

Discography (List of Albums)

Discography (List of Albums)


October, 2009

‘Just BLAQ’ (Single album)


May, 2010

‘Y’ (Mini album)


January, 2011

‘BLAQ Style’ (Full-length album)

February, 2011

‘BLAQ Style 3D Edition’ (Re-released album)

July, 2011

‘Mona Lisa’ (Mini album)




18th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards: New Generation Popular Music Teen Singer Award
17th Korea Entertainment Arts Awards Ceremony: Best Male Group M Countdown: #1 (‘Y’)


Oricon Daily Charts (Japan): #1 for 3 consecutive days
Oricon Weekly Charts (Japan): #2
German music website Viva: #2 on online clip charts

Other Activities

Other Activities


Appeared in movie ‘Ninja Assassin’ – Lee Joon

Café Mari advertising model - Cheondoong


LOTTE Confectionery ‘cacao black’ advertising model

TBJ clothing model

Chapstick advertising model

In Delhi Curry advertising model

Alba Heaven website advertising model – Cheondoong

Appeared in K. Will’s music video for ‘Present’ – Cheondoong

Arirang TV ‘The M WAVE’ MC – Cheondoong

HITE beer model – Lee Joon

Miero Fibre drink advertising model – Lee Joon

Kiss Republic underwear model – Lee Joon

Appeared in the MBC short drama ‘Housewife Kim Kwang Ja’s Third Activities’ – Lee Joon

Appeared in KBS drama ‘Jungle Fish 2’ – Lee Joon


Voice of Gnomeo in the movie ‘Gnomeo & Juliet’ – Lee Joon

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