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Everything about this group rings with creativity—from the melodies, lyrics, and dance, to each member’s unique fashion sense. Like the endless outcomes of the unknown ‘x’ in a mathematical function, f(x) continually delights fans with unexpected surprises and style transformations each time they release a new song. It’s no wonder, then, that f(x)’s uniqueness is winning them fans all across Asia and beyond.

Group Introduction

The name of the group f(x) comes from the mathematical notation for a function. The ‘f’ also stands for ‘flower’ while the ‘x’ refers to the ‘XX’ chromosomes of women. Much like there is an almost infinite number of possible outcomes when substituting different numbers in for ‘x,’ the group seeks to become a truly versatile girl group, pursuing a myriad of activities across Asia. f(x) is made up of five members: Sulli, Luna, Krystal, Amber, and Victoria. The group made their debut in 2009 with the release of the digital single ‘LA chA TA.’ Hit songs include ‘Chu~♡,’ ‘NU ABO,’ and ‘Pinocchio.’

- First Single Release: Digital Single ‘LA chA TA’ (September 2009)
- f(x) Official Website: (Korean, English)
- f(x) Official SNS:

Member Profiles

* Name: Luna
* Nationality: Korean

Luna is a singer of many talents. She is always brimming with positive energy both on and off the stage and adds passion to the group’s performances. In addition to her singing and dancing abilities, she has also been recognized for her talents in acting, emceeing, and her successes in other sectors of the entertainment industry. In 2010, she won the Entertainment New Star Award at the SBS Entertainment Awards. In 2011, she was cast as the lead in the musical ‘Legally Blonde’ and became one of the main MCs for the Korean MTV music program ‘The Show’.

* Date of Birth: August 12, 1993
* Blood Type: O
* Hobbies / Special Talents: Singing, dancing, Chinese


* Name: Sulli
* Nationality: Korean

Capturing the hearts of many male fans with her doll-like appearance and sweet expressions, Sulli is f(x)’s ‘mascot member.’ She first debuted as a child actress in the SBS TV drama ‘The Ballad of Seo-dong’ in 2005, and appeared on the silver screen two years later in the movie ‘Punch Lady.’ She has proved her success as an idol singer through her debut with f(x) and continues to add to the group’s unique appeal.

* Date of Birth: March 29, 1994
* Blood Type: A
* Hobbies / Special Talents: Acting, dancing


* Name: Victoria
* Nationality: Chinese
* Position: Group leader, vocals

It’s impossible not to be swept up in Victoria’s intense dance moves from the minute she steps on the stage. She commands the stage with great flexibility and natural rhythm, perfected through years of dance training. In 2010, Victoria appeared in the MBC variety show ‘We Got Married: Season 2’ and the KBS variety show ‘Invincible Youth,’ where she gained wide popularity for her bright smile and her innocent persona.

* Date of Birth: February 2, 1987
* Blood Type: A
* Hobbies / Special Talents: Folkdance, jazz dance, Korean


* Name: Krystal
* Nationality: Korean

Creamy white skin, big bright eyes, and a cool expression have become Krystal’s trademarks and part of her personal appeal. In 2010, she appeared in the MBC sitcom ‘More Charming by the Day’ for which she won the Rookie Comedy Award at the MBC Entertainment Awards. In 2011, she was one of the competitors in the SBS skating reality show ‘Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry’ and wowed audiences with her skating moves.

* Date of Birth: October 24, 1994
* Blood Type: A
* Hobbies / Special Talents: Acting, dancing


* Name: Amber
* Nationality: American

Amber stands out in the group for her androgynous appeal. Her husky rapping is a crucial part of f(x)’s highly original music, which distinguishes them from any other girl group. Amber’s boyish characteristics bring the group a broader spectrum of style, and her powerful dance moves are not to be missed.

* Date of Birth: September 18, 1992
* Blood Type: B
* Hobbies / Special Talents: Dancing, rapping

Discography (List of Albums)

Discography (List of Albums)


September 1, 2009

‘LA chA TA’ (Digital single)

November 4, 2009

‘Chu~♡’ (Single album)


May 4, 2010

‘NU ABO’ (Mini album)


April 20, 2011

‘Pinocchio’ (Full-length album)




7th Republic of Korea Cultural Entertainment Awards: Newcomer Award


17th Annual Korean Entertainment Awards: Best Newcomer Award
Korea Lifestyle Awards: Style Icon of the Year Award


8th Korean Music Awards: Group Musician of the Year Netizen Vote

Other Activities

Other Activities


‘K.SWISS’: clothing model 

‘AUCTION’: advertising model

LG ‘Lollipop’ mobile phone: China region advertising model 

Girl Scouts of Korea: honorary ambassador

Korea’s Promise Alliance: honorary ambassador

‘Hard but Easy’: part of the soundtrack of the KBS drama ‘Invincible Lee Pyung Kang’


‘Spread Its Wings’: part of the soundtrack of the KBS drama ‘God of Study’

Defense Media Agency (DEMA) Friends: FM advertising model

‘Thrill Love’: part of the soundtrack of the drama ‘Hungry Romeo, Luxury Juliet’

‘I Love You, I Love You’: part of the soundtrack of the MBC daily sitcom ‘More Charming by the Day’

‘Calling Out’: part of the soundtrack of the KBS drama ‘Cinderella’s Sister’

3rd Together Day: honorary ambassador

‘The Truth Is (Shh!)’: part of the soundtrack of the KBS animation series ‘Zoororing Animal Detectives’

‘Beautiful Day’: part of the soundtrack of KBS drama ‘Please Marry Me’

Ottogi Noddle ‘Ppyusyeo Ppusyeo’: model

Blood donation: publicity ambassador

LG OPTIMUS: phone advertising model

Calvin Klein Jeans: advertising model

Elite school uniform: advertising model

Chicken Mania: advertising model

Crown Bakery: advertising model

Johnson & Johnson ‘Clean & Clear’: advertising model (Krystal)

Arirang TV music show ‘The M Wave’ MC: advertising model (Krystal)

SBS music show ‘Inkigayo’; MC (Sulli)

SONY digital camera ‘Cyber Shot’: advertising model (Sulli)

KBS variety show ‘Invincible Youth’: cast member (Victoria)

MBC variety show ‘We Got Married: Season 2’: cast member (Victoria)

MBC sitcom ‘More Charming by the Day’: cast member (Krystal)

2010 MBC Entertainment Awards: Popularity Award (Victoria)

2010 SBS Entertainment Awards: New Star Award (Luna)

MBC Entertainment Awards: Rookie Comedy Award (Krystal)


‘… Is It Okay?’: part of the soundtrack of the SBS drama ‘Paradise Ranch’

MTV music program ‘The Show’: MC (Luna)

Musical ‘Legally Blonde’: lead (Luna)

Jardin ‘CAFE REAL’: advertising model (Victoria)

Estee Lauder cosmetics ‘Pure Color Lipstick’: advertising model (Victoria)

Smoothie King: advertising models (Sulli, Victoria)

Caribbean Bay: advertising model (Victoria)

SBS variety show ‘Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry’: cast member (Krystal)

Musical ‘Coyote Ugly’: lead (Luna)

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