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Memory of the World Register print

Uigwe; The Royal Protocols of the Joseon Dynasty (Designated 2007)

Uigwe, which literally means “a model for rituals”, records text and illustrations of all the important state ceremonies and events of the Joseon Dynasty (1392~1910). Following the tradition of Confucianism, this guide covers royal weddings of a King and Queen, crowning of the prince, succession of a new ruler, funerals and other various state events. It also provides illustrations of major events that take place, along with detailed descriptions. Fairly detailed drawings alongside with written texts, giving more room in understanding the vivid scene from the olden days, and for scholars expanding on historical researches. Such documentary supports are hardly found in other countries that were also introduced Confucianism around the time, thus considered to be a highly valuable legacy not limited to Korea but to the others as well.

<Last updated on October 27, 2015>

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